Why adopt an open-source and unified-analytics platform?

An open and unified analytics platform reduces risk and protects your investment.

IBM and Hortonworks provide a data analytics platform with the necessary tools to easily incorporate and analyze data from open source, IBM and non-IBM systems. It includes premium offerings and services built on open-source Apache Hadoop, delivering extra value without proprietary lock-in.

IBM participates in the ODPi nonprofit Linux Foundation project, building on standard Hadoop interfaces so you can easily add capabilities from multiple sources.

Open-source capabilities

Hortonworks Data Platform

A security-rich, enterprise-ready open-source Hadoop distribution based on a centralized architecture

IBM Db2® Big SQL

An enterprise-grade, hybrid ANSI-compliant SQL on Hadoop engine, delivering massively parallel processing (MPP) and advanced data query

IBM Watson® Studio

A collaborative, configurable environment for data scientists to analyze data using RStudio®, Jupyter and Python

IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

A robust, scalable, highly available document-database solution to support mission-critical deployments

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