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Why use an open source database?

Open source-based databases position businesses to capitalize more cost-effectively on the vast amounts of data generated in today’s world. To support enterprise clients in their move to open source technologies for data management, IBM is working closely with its strategic partners to offer new solutions.

IBM open source database solutions help enterprises implement a hybrid data environment that includes both relational and non-relational components. By providing a single view of the data across the enterprise, these solutions offer a cost-effective way to integrate multiple, complex data sources for smarter, quicker, data-driven decisions and actionable insights.

Open source database products

IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

A robust, scalable highly available document database solution to support mission-critical deployments. 

IBM Data Management Platform for EDB Postgres Enterprise

An integrated, open source-based SQL relational database solution built for enterprise-scale data needs. It includes extended capabilities that support deployment in high-availability production environments and cost-effective non-production environments.


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