What is information lifecycle governance?

Information lifecycle governance (ILG) helps you manage your business information throughout its lifecycle — from creation to deletion. It addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives.

Effective ILG is critical for accommodating tremendous data growth, streamlining e-discovery processes and maintaining compliance with numerous regulations. With ILG solutions from IBM, you can discover how your organization can effectively manage the information lifecycle and avoid costs and risks to drive more business value from your data.

By providing in-depth assessment of unstructured data where it resides, on premises or in the cloud, these solutions give organizations visibility into data to make informed business decisions.



Data assessment and cleanup

Enables an organization to discover, recognize and act on unstructured data, without moving it to a repository or specialty application


A powerful search function

Can help accelerate the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content


Simplified analysis

Helps you obtain clean, consolidated, consistent and current information that can drive big data projects and applications, while aligning with governance objectives


Privacy and protection

Can help you to identify data with meaning, assess data value and risk, secure PII, PCI and PHI, and get ready for GDPR

Use case

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Accelerate your personal data discovery and protection journey with the help of IBM.

Information lifecycle governance products

IBM StoredIQ® Suite

Automate policy execution across unstructured data and make informed business decisions by acting on this data.

IBM Enterprise Records

Streamline records-based activities and help in compliance readiness using retention policies for both electronic and physical records.

IBM Optim™

Manage data from requirements through retirement to improve business agility while reducing costs.

IBM StoredIQ for Legal

Enhance the efficiency of eDiscovery management by streamlining the process for legal and IT stakeholders.

IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

Optimize your capacity for high-scale, high-volume analysis of electronically stored information (ESI) relating to legal cases.

IBM eDiscovery Manager

Enable authorized IT and legal staff to search, cull, hold and export case-relevant content quickly and efficiently, resulting in lower costs.

IBM Content Collector

Use the comprehensive set of archiving solutions, products and services to help you realize the business value of your information.

IBM Content Classification

Analyze and organize your unstructured documents and emails, using context-sensitive analysis and automation features.

IBM eDiscovery products

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management

Gain greater control over discovery costs by projecting them to avoid expense deviations and improve negotiations with legal adversaries.

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

Improve the efficiency between your legal and IT teams by reducing the scope of data required to be collected and reviewed.

IBM Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management

Automate the communication of discovery requirements through a single system of record with workflows for legal, IT and line-of-business managers.

IBM Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management

Maintain centralized control of retention policies with localized responsibility to support business and legal responsibilities.


Accelerate your GDPR Unstructured Data Discovery with StoredIQ® Cartridges

Rapidly find and address an extensive set of EU personal data types across multiple languages with the help of StoredIQ.

Fabricate high-quality and secure synthetic data for testing, development and training

Learn how to provision the right test data for application development and testing.

Develop a data integration and lifecycle management strategy for a hybrid environment

Build and execute a data integration and lifecycle management strategy.

Govern your information with IBM StoredIQ® Suite

Leverage a holistic solution designed to help you discover, analyze and act on relevant unstructured data.

Client success

BBVA Compass

Taking control of data to reduce risk and seize new opportunities.


Accelerating DevOps and reducing costs with smart information integration and governance.


Ensuring systems comply with privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, to protect its clients and its reputation. 

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