What is information lifecycle governance?

Information lifecycle governance (ILG) helps you manage your business information throughout its lifecycle – from creation to deletion. It addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives. By providing in-depth assessment of unstructured data where it resides, on-premises or in the cloud, these solutions give organizations visibility into data to make informed business decisions.

With information lifecycle governance solutions from IBM, you can discover how your organization can effectively manage the information lifecycle and avoid costs and risks to drive more business value from your data.

Gain access to the unified governance & integration platform offerings via flex point licensing. It supports your rapidly evolving business needs by giving you flexible access to the offerings included in the platform. Purchase entitlement based on your expected needs. When your business requirements change, gain the flexibility to add or stop using a product and apply the same flex points to another offering within the platform, as long as you stay within total flex points purchased.



Data assessment and cleanup

Allows an organization to discover, recognize and act on unstructured data without moving it to a repository or specialty application.


A powerful search function

Accelerates the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content.


Simplified analysis

Obtain clean, consolidated, consistent and current information. Use this information to drive big data projects and applications while aligning with governance objectives.


Privacy and protection

Allows you to identify data with meaning, assess data value and risk, secure PII, PCI, and PHI, and get ready for GDPR.

In the spotlight

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Only the organizations that deliver true transparency to their customers will build strong trust in the brand. Start the GDPR transition with an emphasis on your customer to drive process, policy, technology and people decisions.

Information Lifecycle Governance products

IBM Optim

Manage data from requirements through retirement to improve business agility while reducing costs.

IBM StoredIQ Suite

IBM StoredIQ Suite addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, data storage and data migration initiatives.

IBM Records Manager

Provides a records management engine that enhances business applications to offer robust and rich electronic records management capabilities.

IBM Cloud Enterprise Records

Provides automatic, cost-effective and consistent retention and records management.

IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

Provides case review, search and analysis capabilities to dramatically reduce electronic discovery costs.

IBM eDiscovery Manager

Enables authorized IT and legal staff to search, cull, hold and export case-relevant content for more cost-effective discovery processes.

IBM Content Collector

Provides a comprehensive set of archiving solutions, products and services to help you realize the business value of your information.

IBM Content Classification

Analyzes and automates the categorization and organization of unstructured content.

Related products

IBM Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management

Delivers a single retention management system with integrated workflows and analytics.

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management

Provides more control over discovery costs for improved legal outcomes. 

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

Automates legal holds, collection and audit processes.

IBM Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management

Communicates discovery information automatically between IT and legal staff. 

IBM Content Foundation

Delivers full content lifecycle and document management capabilities promoting enterprise content management (ECM) adoption.

IBM FileNet Content Manager

A document management engine with enterprise content, security and storage features plus process management capabilities.

IBM Content Manager

Provides a fully featured multi-platform enterprise content management solution that enhances digital business across the enterprise.


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Customer success

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Driving down costs and easing compliance with a smarter approach to information lifecycle governance.


Accelerating DevOps and reducing costs with smart information integration and governance.