Move from Teradata with tested processes

Teradata can be costly, yet many companies have failed to fully replace it

IBM offers a range of proven migration options that support you from design through implementation. You can reduce costs, modernize with new technologies and improve performance with equivalent replacements through IBM Integrated Analytics System or IBM Db2 Warehouse, or hybrid data implementations with multicloud and Hadoop.

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Change your high-performance data warehouse

Integrated Analytics System is a hybrid data warehouse appliance built for high performance and advanced analytical capabilities. The technology is backed by IBM Watson® Studio and an embedded Apache Spark engine.

Offload to Hadoop

IBM and Cloudera have partnered to offer enterprise-grade Hadoop and IBM Big SQL, which provides high-speed federation between relational database management systems (RDMS) and Hadoop.

Replace with Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud offers the flexibility needed to extend your data warehouse to the cloud. The technology also allows independent scaling of compute and storage while maintaining high performance.

Implement a hybrid data strategy

With a hybrid data implementation, some data resides in a warehouse, while the rest is in open-source data stores like Spark or Hadoop. IBM experts can help you choose where to place your data to achieve optimal cost and performance.


See how a customer succeeded with Integrated Analytics System

Capitalogix reinvents the hedge fund using real-time data powered by Integrated Analytics System.

Get started with expert migration services from IBM

Step one

Get a free assessment to determine viability, potential solutions and implementation timelines.

Step two

Consult with an expert team on modernization strategies and replacement platform architecture

Step three

Begin end-to-end migration services with automated tooling to plan, design, execute and test.

See what IBM clients are saying

Fourth Millennium Technologies

With its very high performance and built-in AI capabilities, along with lightning-fast time-to-value, the IBM Integrated Analytics System has to be the best, if not the only choice for analytics today.

Bob Wilkinson, Vice President, Fourth Millennium Technologies


IBM Integrated Analytics System delivers business value extremely quickly; our clients can start analysing all their data wherever it resides within hours.

Chris Jordan, CEO, iOLAP

Sirius Computer Solutions

IBM Integrated Analytics System unites structured and unstructured data analytics with a common SQL engine, which makes it easy for our clients to build sophisticated federated queries across almost any combination of data sources and easily integrate advanced analytics like data science and machine learning.

Joe Grant Bluechel, VP, Data & Analytics Solutions, Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.

*Based on 5-year license spend

Terms and Conditions

1. Savings are on a 5-year TCO spend on Teradata, and over the course of a 5-year total cost of ownership.

2. IBM proposed solution and pricing is based off of the IBM Hybrid Data Management portfolio and may include the IBM Integrated Analytics System, Cloudera, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and/or IBM Db2 Warehouse local.

3. This is not a pricing guarantee. A pricing proposal will be provided once a detailed architectural assessment and design proposal has been completed.