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Outperform the competition with big data and analytics

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, you need to make decisions quicker than ever before.

And those decisions must be based on facts. But often, the facts are hidden away in the volumes and complexity of business data and big data available to your company. How do you turn this into a business opportunity? Leading companies across various industries are using analytics to uncover insights from big data to achieve significant outcomes in areas such as customer satisfaction and retention, operational efficiency, financial processes, and risk, fraud and compliance management. By giving you the ability to predict trends before they happen, analytics can enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition into the future.

Focus on the right customers, offers and delivery channels

Today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their marketing organizations must transition to a new way of thinking. Customers can no longer be viewed as segments and targets. Marketers must get to know each individual customer, and personalize offers and interactions based on their individual wants and needs.

First Tennessee Bank. increased marketing response rate by 3.1% by more accurately targeting offers to high-value customer segments.


Anticipate the impact of financial decisions

As the world continues to recover from the economic recession, businesses are once again focusing on achieving profitable growth. Chief finance officers (CFOs) and their finance teams need to support these efforts by delivering timely, accurate reports that anticipate the impact of financial decisions. But to provide this level of support, finance professionals need to spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing it.

Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union. reduced its loan delinquency ratio by 95% using daily dashboards that deliver key insights. DAY 2 DAY1 TODAY 95%

Provide effective governance of multiple risk areas

As organizations focus on growth, chief risk officers (CROs) must find ways to help them balance risk and reward. They must consider the many internal and external threats that exist, and take prescriptive action sooner to mitigate those risks. An information governance and risk management strategy that maximizes business value, supports compliance obligations, and reduces legal and operational risk is essential.

New York State Department of Tax.increased delinquent tax collection by.$100 million.using optiomization algorithms

Optimize operations and business outcomes

Most organizations today are focusing on bottom-line growth, so efficiency itself is no longer a sufficient differentiator. Chief operating officers need to go further than the competition, applying real-time data and analytics to anticipate, shape and optimize operations and business outcomes.

Elie Tahari.reduced supply chain and logistics costs by 30% using predictive analytics.30% REDUCED COST.


​Midsize companies use analytics to outperform the competition

Small and midsize organizations are not immune to the massive amounts of data that larger companies are struggling to manage. However, these smaller organizations are less likely to have the technology and knowledge to analyze the data effectively. It may seem that the benefits of analytics are out of reach. But IBM can help midsize businesses implement analytics solutions quickly, easily and without disruption, so they can achieve growth and outperform the competition.