What is dashDB?

dashDB is a data warehousing and analytics solution. Use dashDB to store relational data, including special types such as geospatial data. Then analyze that data with SQL or advanced built-in analytics like predictive analytics and data mining, analytics with R, and geospatial analytics. You can leverage the in-memory database technology to use both columnar and row-based tables. dashDB enables you to get faster insights from your data by leveraging a cloud data warehouse with in-database analytics and massively parallel processing.

dashdb full managed

Fully managed

Manages setup, configuration and operations, so you get up and running quickly — without wasting time

dashdb high performance

High performance

Designed for performance and scale, utilizing technologies including IBM’s BLU Acceleration and embedded Netezza in-database analytics

dashdb integrated analytics

Integrated analytics

Run both standard and custom predictive models directly in the cloud. Open source R and RStudio are included as well

dashDB features

dashdb blu acceleration

Advanced processing with BLU Acceleration

Advanced processing: Does not require the entire data set to fit in memory, while still processing at lightning-fast speeds.

Prefetching of data: Anticipates and “prefetches” data just before it’s needed and automatically adapts to keep necessary data in or close to the CPU.

No decompression required: Preserves the order of data and performs a broad range of operations on compressed data, drastically speeding processing.

Data skipping: Automatically determines which data would not qualify for analysis within a particular query, enabling large chunks of data to be skipped.

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dashdb and r

Open source R for predictive modeling

R is an open source programming language that was developed for advanced data analysis and visualization. It can be used to analyze data from many data sources, including external files or databases.

dashDB integrates R for predictive modeling through an R runtime alongside the data. A web console can be used to load data and perform analytics within minutes. With dashDB and open source R, your analytical options are limitless.

IBM dashDB includes RStudio, a fully integrated R development environment designed to provide quick, R-based predictive analytics.

RStudio provides an R language code completion feature, integrated help for R packages, file management capabilities and much more.

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dashdb in-database analytics

In-database analytics

dashDB integrates IBM Netezza® Analytics — also used by IBM Netezza appliances and IBM PureData for Analytics systems — for in-database advanced analytics.

Myriad predictive modeling algorithms are built directly into the database and are available whenever you want to use them.

It comes equipped with multiple algorithms, including linear regression, decision tree clustering, k-means clustering and Esri-compatible geospatial extensions.

By running the analytics natively in the database, where the data resides, you can gain huge efficiencies.

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dashdb mmp

MPP for speed and scale with large data sets

The MPP option builds upon the benefits of the standard dashDB service, with even more speed and scale, so you can handle much larger data sets.

Multiple servers work on the same query simultaneously, and the processing of the query at each server is further parallelized across all the processors in that server.

It also leverages BLU dynamic in-memory columnar store technology, which minimizes I/O even further and achieves an order of magnitude in speed when compared to conventional row store databases.

Performance increases with each new server added to the network cluster, and scaling out is as simple as adding additional servers to your cluster.

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Integrate products with dashDB

dashDB connects seamlessly with a wide ecosystem of business intelligence toolsets including Watson Analytics and many third-party BI tools.

IBM Cloudant + dashDB

dashdb and cloudant

Easily synchronize your JSON data in Cloudant with structured data in dashDB at the push of a button.

It allows for traditional BI and analytics to instantly be applied to web and mobile application data stored in the cloud.

IBM DataWorks + dashDB

dashdb and dataworks

Prepare and move data from multiple sources through IBM DataWorks and land it in dashDB for advanced analysis.

Native integrations between dashDB and DataWorks empower your organization’s cloud data ecosystem.

IBM Insights for Twitter + dashDB

dashdb and twitter

Load Twitter data directly into dashDB just like any other data source for sentiment analysis and social analytics.

Insights for Twitter access is built directly into the dashDB console for simple availability.

IBM Watson Analytics + dashDB

dashdb and watson analytics

Explore the data you already have in dashDB through self-serve analytics with Watson Analytics.

Load data directly from dashDB through a simple connection interface built directly into Watson Analytics.

IBM Simple Data Pipe + dashDB

dashdb and data pipe

Simple Data Pipe is an open source project that is able to move data from cloud sources like Salesforce and Stripe into dashDB.

Leverage the application as it is or use our DataWorks APIs to build your own.

Get started with a dashDB trial

Get started with IBM dashDB


Up to 20GB of data storage: One dedicated schema per service instance on a shared server.

$50 USD per month

Enterprise 1TB

Dedicated 1TB instance with 64GB RAM.

$1,140 USD per instance

Enterprise MPP 4TB

Dedicated instance of multiple node cluster (MPP).

$5,250 USD per instance

Client success stories

Avnet Services

"dashDB is helping us break down barriers to analytics, and make deep insights available to everyone."

Ted Johnson, Director of Infrastructure, Avnet Services

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RSG Medias

"With IBM dashDB and Cloudant, we can leverage a modern and complete cloud-based data analytics portfolio, which allows us to accelerate our delivery of products and services for analytically savvy media companies."

Shiv Sehgal, RSG Media

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BPM Northwest

"IBM dashDB has very fast and robust analytics capabilities, which allows us to not only stage data for our clients, but also provides us with the ability to look deep into that data and form competitive insights."

Joe Mackie, Director of Business Development, BPM Northwest

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