What is IBM Cloud Data Services?

Cloud Data Services provides a hybrid, open source-based approach that application developers, data scientists and IT architects seek to address their data-intensive needs and deliver both immediate and longer-term benefits.



Access a wide range of pre-integrated services based on more than 18 popular open source and IBM technologies.



Use our open, hybrid cloud services across the globe, with a choice of PAYGO or dedicated options.



Depend on 24x7 support and security as well as bare metal and virtualized options for best performance.


IBM Cloud Data Services is built for you

Developers, data science professionals and IT analytic architects, accept an open invitation to fully managed cloud services for the data and analytics software they already know.

Application developer

Application development

Use powerful, open source database technologies to power your apps—providing flexibility, scalability, and geospatial capabilities in a fully managed service. Make your web and mobile applications more scalable and available to users, wherever they are.

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Data Scientists

Data science

With connected devices and social media transforming the way people live, work and buy, today’s data is increasingly “born in the cloud.” Capturing the true value of data means acting fast with the latest analytic tools and spending less time managing your infrastructure.

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IT Architect

IT analytic architecture

Modernize and extend your online transaction processing (OLTP) databases and data warehouses to a hybrid cloud architecture. Business users can gain valuable insights easily and more cost-effectively with the most complete and integrated set of data and analytics services.

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IBM Cloudant Logo

IBM Cloudant

IBM Cloudant

Give your application uninterrupted data access, offline and online, anywhere in the world, with a fully managed NoSQL database service. Let IBM manage the database layer so you can build more, grow more and sleep more.

IBM Compose Logo

IBM Compose Enterprise

IBM Compose Enterprise

Run web and mobile apps on fully managed, hand-picked open source databases with an integrated database-as-a-platform service. Gain flexibility and scale without losing cycles to database management.

IBM Graph Logo

IBM Graph

IBM Graph

Store, query and visualize your data with this cutting-edge graph database, scalable for enterprise application developers who require a database-as-a-service.

IBM dashDB Logo

IBM dashDB

IBM dashDB

Analyze your data where it resides—in the cloud—with a fully managed columnar data warehouse service. Leverage in-database predictive analytics and massively parallel processing (MPP) to do more with your data.

IBM DataWorks Logo

IBM DataWorks

IBM DataWorks

Ensure you always have access to rich, high-quality data with a fully managed data preparation and movement service. ACT (access, combine and transform) upon your data so you can start analyzing it today.

IBM BigInsights Logo

IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop

IBM BigInsights on Cloud

Accelerate to enterprise-grade advanced analytics built on proven open source Hadoop technology.

IBM Spark Analytics Logo

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

Increase your analytics agility with the power of open source Apache Spark. Process large data volumes at great speed in a hosted, managed, secure environment.

IBM Predictive Analytics Logo

IBM Predictive Analytics

IBM Predictive Analytics

Optimize the future with better decisions today, deployed directly into business processes.

IBM db2 Logo

IBM DB2 on Cloud

IBM DB2 on Cloud

Get enterprise security and performance with the scale and agility of the cloud. Use the same trusted DB2 multi-workload relational database for heavy data lifting in a new self-service deployment with subscription licensing.

Get started with a IBM Cloud Data Services trial

Get started with IBM Cloud Data Services

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A location-aware mobile app helps millennials find the perfect place to live.

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Roskilde Music Festival

Real-time mobile data reveals insights to optimize the festival experience.

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Rapid big data analysis opens up new business opportunities.

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IBM Cloud Data Services officially Open for Data

Launch a new portfolio of tools for the next-generation information handler.


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