What is data integration and governance?

When we have good information we make better decisions. This is why enterprise heavily in analytics technology: tools that can extract insight out of mountains of data. The result is better, faster decision making that leads to operational efficiency and competitive advantage. When analytics tools do not have good data, you are not getting useful or timely answers. When decisions need to be made quickly, being confident in your answers is crucial. This is where IBM integration and governance can help.

Agile data integration and governance solutions from IBM can help you discover, enrich, integrate and manage data over its lifetime. Design-once, run-anywhere simplicity promotes efficient operations even as your environment evolves and scales. And with self-service and IT-managed capabilities, anyone from data scientists to business users can access fit-for-purpose data.

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Establish a single trusted master view of the overlapping, redundant, and inconsistent customer data from your various systems. 

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