Global Elite Design Thinking

Yesterday was a prototype. Together, let’s re-think your user’s experience.

IBM Design Thinking is all about delivering great experiences to your users. We do this by embracing design as part of our business strategy. We’d like to show you how.

Our IBM Design Thinking workshops will help you learn how to focus on creating exceptional user experiences and products that your clients will get excited about. We’ll help you learn how to generate a range of big ideas, rapidly prototype your ideas, evaluate them and improve upon them. We’ll help you learn why co-creating with cross functional teams, from day one, is so important.  As a Global Elite client, the cost to have your own personalized Design Thinking workshops is absolutely free.

Design Thinking Offerings

Learn IBM Design’s approach to problem solving, exploring new ideas and creating delightful experiences for our users

IBM Design Thinking Workshops

Our 1 to 3 full day Design Thinking workshops will help your team identify & understand a specific business problem and leave with direction to solve it.  (12 attendees maximum)

Reinvention by Design

IBM is reinventing itself by utilizing IBM Design Thinking. In this 45-min break-out session, you will learn why it’s important to reinvent now. (50 attendees maximum)

Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes

Mirko Azis,  IBM Experience Design Practice Lead speaks to the basics of IBM Design Thinking in this 10 minute video. The Key’s to IBM Design Thinking; Hills, Playbacks and Sponsor Users are presented and the IBM Design Loop is explained.

Design Thinking Principles: A focus on user outcomes, diverse empowered teams and restless reinvention.

Mirko Azis, IBM Experience Design Practice Lead,

To begin your Design Thinking conversation, contact your Client Experience Manager today.

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