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BITanium is a proudly South African company and a leader in data management.  BITanium exposes the power of data to make our customers more competitive.

BITanium helps our customers transform their data from its raw state into a finished, valuable and actionable product.  This is achieved through data storage, analysis, visualization and deployment solutions.  The insight produced enables intelligent business decisions that make the difference between remarkable and average.

BITanium exposes the power of data to make you more competitive

Analytics is the new competitive edge

The Hybrid Logical Warehouse

Today, everything is hybrid. Data no longer lives in one central location, but rather is spread across various parts of the business, and on multiple clouds.

The Hybrid Logical Warehouse approach that BITanium follows addresses this new world with elegance. Leveraging a mixture of mainly IBM technologies allows our customers easier access to the right data at the right time.

Data Value Chain

The process of turning data into useful insights for business decisions can be considered as the equivalent of turning a raw material like iron ore into a valuable commodity such as refined steel products. 

There is a chain of work and refinement that turns a raw mineral (data) into a valuable resource (business insights and decisions). BITanium terms this process the Data Value Chain.

Case Study: BITanium and Nedbank

BITanium plays a key role in deploying a scalable data warehousing architecture for federated analytics at Nedbank.

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