IBM Data Science Elite Team

IBM’s Data Science Elite team collaborates with you, helping you succeed and lead in Data Science & AI.

Led by Seth Dobrin, PhD, IBM Analytics VP & Chief Data Officer, the Data Science Elite team is an international team of Data Science and AI experts available to engage with you either remotely or on-site regardless of where you are in your Data Science journey.


IBM Data Science Elite Team

A no-charge Consultancy

Who are we?

The IBM Data Science Elite team consists of Data Science and AI experts with skills in:

  • Descriptive, predictive & prescriptive analytics
  • Industry-specific use cases
  • Various AI roles: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Decision Optimization, Data Engineering, Data Journalism
  • Applications of AI: Visual Recognition, Natural Language (NLU, NLC, NLP), Speech, etc. 

What do we offer?

Through our engagement program, we will:

  • Develop a use case through discovery and design workshops
  • Collaboratively build out a MVP with you
  • Mentor and enable your teams through hands-on learning

What do we ask of our clients?

To ensure a successful outcome we ask that you:

  • Dedicate team members to match our resources during the engagement
  • Install and use IBM Watson Studio, Decision Optimization, SPSS or AI Openscale
  • Agree on a defined use case with the Data Science Elite Team
  • Provide a public reference for the Data Science Elite engagement

DSE Team Members

Meet Our DSE Leaders!

IBM AI expert Carlo Appugliese

Looking to win with AI but lacking the data science skills and expertise? Learn from IBM AI expert Carlo Appugliese about what IBM's Data Science Elite Team can do. This international team of Data Science experts engages with IBM clients at no cost -- using a proven kick start approach to prototyping of AI use cases.

IBM Distinguished Engineer John Thomas

IBM Distinguished Engineer John Thomas details the mission of the Data Science Elite Team -- a new initiative by IBM to work with clients on data science initiates across the spectrum. Find out more about the transformative power of machine learning at IBM.

IBM Data Science Practice Leader Susara van der Heever

IBM Data Science practice leader Susara van der Heever details how the IBM Data Science Elite Team uses prescriptive analytics to help businesses make better decisions. Learn how IBM is helping clients be successful with IBM's data science portfolio using a sprint model to realize fast results.

IBM Data Science Engineer Vishnu Kannan

IBM Data Science Engineer Vishnu Kannan shares his expert insight on how to launch a Data Science practice in your enterprise. IBM's Data Science Elite team is a no-cost consultancy that helps IBM clients execute a data science use case from start to finish.

Modes of engagement

Kick-Start: Data Science Elite

(No charge for 6 weeks)

  • IBM invests in you first (no charge to you)
  • 3 sprints (no more than 6 weeks) for no charge
  • 2 people (1 DSE individual + 1 Tech Sales individual from day 1)
  • Lesser time commitment
  • Proof of concept, prototype, pilot
  • If more time is desired, you can transition to Data Science Elite Garage 
  • You must commit to be a reference or to purchase our product

Build: Data Science Elite Garage

(Co-investment 12 weeks)

  • Can be post Data Science Elite engagement
  • You must co-invest from day 1
  • 4 sprints (no more than 12 weeks) with a co-investment payment model
  • 1 DSE individual + 2 lab service individual
  • Product purchase must be included in the engagement
  • One day AI Academy

Accelerate: Data Science Garage

(Paid On-going)

  • Can be post Data Science Elite Garage
  • Full cost long-term Lab Services or GBS garage

Are you ready to engage the Data Science Elite Team?

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