Future-proof your data management strategy

The speed and actionability of your insights can make or break you. But managing and integrating data gets more challenging as data increases in volume and variety—residing in more locations throughout the enterprise—and as more business users demand that data across complex, multicloud environments. The strength of your competitive advantage in data can come down to the agility you get from your enterprise architecture tools.

IBM Db2 Hybrid Data Management offers you the choice of any type of database or data warehouse, best-of-breed and open source software—while using your existing investments. Enterprise architecture tools help collect, manage and provide business insights into data onpremises, in private and public cloud, or when integrated across structured and unstructured data types.

Enterprise architecture solutions

IBM Db2 family

IBM® Db2® includes products for operational database, data warehouse, data lake and fast data. Select any type of database or data warehouse, best-of-breed and open source software, and use your existing investments.

IBM Integrated Analytics System

High-performance, cloud-ready data platform that accelerates development and deployment times for your data scientists and drives the insights needed to maintain your competitiveness.

IBM Informix®

Ideal enterprise-class database designed to be fast and flexible with the ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data.

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