Future-proof your data management strategy

Today’s digital enterprise needs fast and actionable insights. This is increasingly a tall order as data resides in higher volumes, in greater variety, in more locations throughout the enterprise and as an increasing number of business users demand that data. When coupled with the complexity of multiple cloud environments, management and integration become extremely challenging. To succeed, enterprises should adopt a hybrid data approach to all things data and analytics.

IBM Db2® Hybrid Data Management offers you the choice to select any type of database or data warehouse, best-of-breed and open source software, while using your existing investments. Our solution collects, manages and provides business insights to data across on-premises, in private and public cloud, or integrated across structured and unstructured data types.



Database management

IBM Db2 operational database provides the right data foundation with on-premises and cloud deployment options, industry-leading data compression, robust performance for mixed workloads, modern data security, and the ability to scale and adjust without redesign.

Data warehouse

IBM data warehouse includes a Common SQL Engine to support a wide range of data structures and types while delivering fast and superior performance with the flexibility of on-premises, cloud and integrated appliance deployments.

Data lakes

IBM data lake enables agile, data driven decisions by tapping into vast amounts of unstructured data that historically could not be analyzed. Working with Hortonworks, IBM combines lower-cost open source technology with enterprise grade real-time analytics.

Fast data

IBM fast data combines lightning fast data ingestion, concurrent analysis of real-time and historical data, with machine learning in an open environment that supports event-driven application development at scale.

In the spotlight

IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform

New, flexible platform to collect, manage and provide business insights to data across on-premises or cloud. Dynamically allocate data resources where you need them, when you need them, with a single subscription.


IBM Db2 family

IBM Db2 includes products for operational database, data warehouse, data lake and fast data. Select any type of database or data warehouse, best-of-breed and open source software and use your existing investments.

IBM Integrated Analytics System

High-performance, cloud-ready data platform that accelerates development and deployment times for your data scientists, and drives the insights needed to maintain your competitiveness.

IBM Informix®

Ideal enterprise class database optimized for OLTP and IoT, and forging new frontiers with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data.


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