What is IBM Analytics for Apache Spark?

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is a flexible and integrated Spark service that empowers data science professionals to ask bigger, tougher questions, and deliver business value faster.

spark risk free quick start

Risk-free quick start — and pay as you grow

It’s an easy-to-use, always-on managed service with no long-term commitment or risk, so you can begin exploring right away.

spark better answers

Better answers in less time

Access the power of Apache Spark with no lock-in, backed by IBM’s open source commitment and decades of enterprise experience.

spark integration

Integration with a broad tool ecosystem

A managed Spark service with Notebooks as a connector means coding and analytics are easier and faster, so you can spend more of your time on delivery and innovation.

Managed Apache Spark Service features

Spark machine learning

Scaled machine learning

A managed Apache Spark services gives you easy access to the power of built-in machine learning libraries without the headaches, time and risk associated with managing a Sparkcluster independently.

With IBM Analytics for Apache Spark, we handle the complexity and the heavy lifting of Spark administration, which means you can iterate faster and use more of your time to focus on developing models and testing hypotheses.

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Spark flexibility

Open source flexibility

An easy-to-use, reliable and open managed Spark service — that’s built native to the cloud — is critical if you need the most extensible and flexible analytics and development environment possible.

There are five pre-configured instance sizes, ranging from small to xx-large, with increasing memory, disk and CPU power to fit any workload and monthly budget.

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is backed by IBM’s commitment to open source and leadership around Apache Spark, which means the service is managed by experts 24/7, giving and you have more time to focus on analytics delivery and innovation.

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Spark integration

Jupyter Notebook integration

Most people know that Apache Spark is extremely fast, but it's made even more powerful by integrating it with Jupyter Notebooks – one of the most powerful ways to work.

With a managed Spark service, getting started in a Jupyter Notebook is quick, easy and extremely cost-effective. Give the notebook capability a try with IBM Analytics for Apache Spark.

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Get started with a IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

Get started with IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

PayGo Personal Interactive

Total executors: 2
Total cores: 2
Total slots: 10
Total profile storage: 40GB

$0.70 USD per instance per hour

PayGo Professional Batch

Total executors: 10
Total cores: 10
Total slots: 50
Total profile storage: 200GB

$3.50 USD per instance per hour

PayGo Enterprise Batch

Total executors: 30
Total cores: 30
Total slots: 150
Total profile storage: 600GB

$10.50 USD per instance per hour

Client success stories

Apache Spark client story solutioninc


SolutionInc, a global public wi-fi manager, was previously only a data collector. With Spark and Notebooks, the company now understands key business volume times, busiest locations and route patterns.

Read story (994KB)

Apache Spark client story smarterdata


SmarterData used IBM® Analytics for Apache Spark to build next-generation retail analytics apps that combine operational and contextual data to give clients a new understanding of consumer desires.

Read story (921KB)

Apache Spark client story sensitel


Sensitel’s SENS platform uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and facial recognition technology so retailers can track shoppers’ locations. That way, they can send staff mobile notifications to better assist customers.

Read story (1.2MB)

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark on Cloud resources


API documentation

Visit Bluemix for documentation on APIs.


Apache Spark learning center

Get started with IBM Analytics for Apache Spark.

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