What is Db2 on Cloud?

IBM Db2 on Cloud is a multi-workload SQL database that delivers world-famous performance and high availability for mission-critical applications and analytics. And now, it’s available on demand as a cloud service.

Db2 on cloud power

The power of Db2

One of the most widely used DBMSs in history, Db2 delivers in-memory performance for transactional and analytical operations, nonstop.

Db2 on cloud productivity

Instant productivity

Provisioned on demand, ten instance types and your choice of IBM or AWS cloud hosting to meet a wide range of business needs.

Db2 on cloud control

Under your control

IBM hosts it; you manage it. You have full administrative control over Db2 security, performance and availability.

IBM Db2 on Cloud features

Db2 on cloud performance

High-performance SQL DBMS

Db2 powers some of the biggest transaction processing and data warehousing applications in the world, and now it’s available in the cloud for a new generation of apps.

Cutting-edge in-memory performance, columnar architecture, query optimization, high availability, data compression and other innovations help ensure it can meet any cloud workload.

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Db2 on cloud flexibile hosting

Flexible hosting options

Db2 on Cloud instances are equipped with your choice of either the IBM Db2 Workgroup Server Edition or the IBM Db2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition feature set.

There are five pre-configured instance sizes, ranging from small to xx-large, with increasing memory, disk and CPU power to fit any workload and monthly budget.

To locate data wherever it’s needed, instances can be hosted in your choice of 30+ IBM SoftLayer or 12+ Amazon AWS data centers.

Db2 on Cloud instances are provisioned on demand by IBM cloud data experts, who monitor and manage the cloud infrastructure underlying your databases around the clock.

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Db2 on cloud integration

Easy integration

Db2 on Cloud can be accessed just as on-premises versions of Db2 can, so it works with the same applications, security, ETL, messaging, monitoring and systems management tools you use today.

SQL compatibility with Oracle makes it easy to integrate with a wide variety of existing applications and databases.

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Db2 on cloud security

Enterprise security

Db2 on Cloud was created to meet tough enterprise cloud data security requirements to give you peace of mind.

Db2 on Cloud has the same security features as on-premises editions of Db2, including full administrative control over table-, row- and column-level access permissions.

It includes in-flight and at-rest data encryption to protect your data on disk and as it travels to and from Db2. It meets ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC2, HIPAA and other data protection standards.

Top-tier physical security is provided by IBM SoftLayer and IBM hosting partners. Db2 on Cloud can even be provisioned on single-tenant hardware for your exclusive use.

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Get started with a Db2 on Cloud

Get started with IBM Db2 on Cloud

Pricing starts at $1,000 USD per instance per month

Pricing starts at $1,000 USD per instance per month

Pricing starts at $1,000 USD per instance per month

Db2 on Cloud resources


IBM Db2 on Cloud

Learn more how IBM Db2 improves business agility and reduces cost by better managing your company’s core asset: its data.


Db2 on Cloud documentation

The power of IBM Db2 combined with the agility of cloud deployment…all under your control

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