What is IBM BigInsights on Cloud?

IBM BigInsights on Cloud is a fully managed Hadoop service. Easy to deploy, easy to use, always-on, and quick to get started. No ongoing administration or Hadoop complexity. And supported 24/7.

biginsights on cloud open source innovation

Power of open source innovation

Benefit from 100% open source Apache™ Hadoop® through the IBM Open Platform, updated regularly to provide the best versions of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

biginsights on cloud manage and mine big data

Efficiently manage and mine big data

BigInsights on Cloud includes in-Hadoop integrated analytics for different skillsets. Develop a variety of analytics applications without having to manage the platform.

biginsights on cloud integrated and flexible

Integrated and flexible

Get all the Hadoop ecosystem components bundled for you in IBM Open Platform, including Apache Spark™ and associated libraries.

IBM BigInsights on Cloud features

biginsights on cloud open source

Backed by IBM’s ODPi commitment

The Open Data Platform (ODPi) is a shared industry effort focused on promoting and advancing the state of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise. The ODPi is currently made up of 17 (and growing) of the leading big data companies in the world – representing all points in the customer lifecycle.

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biginsights on cloud data experts

Get help from big data experts

Our big data experts are unbeatable open source technology partners and are available to support you wherever you are across the analytics continuum, whether you’re pay-as-you-grow or you have a maturing team’s capabilities.

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biginsights on cloud security

Dedicated HDFS encryption

Run your Hadoop environment in a secure infrastructure deployed on world-class, secure IBM SoftLayer® data centers. Get an isolated private network per tenant for data privacy, a data at rest encryption option and access control through Apache Knox and LDAP.

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How to use IBM BigInsights on Cloud

Diving into a data lake

Finding security amid data marts

International banks typically have complex analytics on-premises environments that are interdependent on multiple data marts, which becomes increasingly expensive and complex to manage.

By transitioning to BigInsights on Cloud, one of our financial services customers put their data directly into a data lake, allowing users from different areas of the business to access and query data directly, and prepare for future agility, speed and efficiency.

Building analytics — fast

Flexibility for data-sensitive projects

Pharmaceutical companies are sometimes required to perform analysis on medical records; however, disparate systems and privacy concerns prevent them from having an on-premises analytical environment.

We helped one customer build an economic model for a new drug treatment by provisioning a BigInsights cluster in less than 48 hours. The customer could then quickly delve into the project and execute their project dramatically faster.

Mitigating risk — effectively

Mining for risk in social sentiment analysis

Developing and operationalizing a capability to monitor risk from poor employee behavior or negative exposure from inappropriate customer communication is now required for both small businesses and corporations.

Getting quick insights from social media feeds to validate sentiment can be easily deployed on IBM BigInsights on Cloud via built-in enhanced analytics — without the cost, complexity and risk of managing the infrastructure.

Get started with a IBM BigInsights on Cloud

Get started with IBM BigInsights on Cloud

Pricing starts at $1,800 USD per node per month. See our sizing tool for estimates.

Pricing starts at $1,800 USD per node per month. See our sizing tool for estimates.

Pricing starts at $1,800 USD per node per month. See our sizing tool for estimates.

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BigInsights on Cloud data sheet

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