What is data governance?

Data governance is the ability of an organization to manage its information knowledge and to answer questions such as What do we know about our information?, Where did this data come from?, and Does this data adhere to company policies and rules?. Data governance practices provide a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information to help you gain insight and build confidence in business decisions and operations.

IBM's data governance solutions let you locate and retrieve information about data objects, their meaning, physical location, characteristics, and usage. This helps improve IT productivity while meeting regulatory requirements.

Gain access to the unified governance & integration platform offerings via flex point licensing. It supports your rapidly evolving business needs by giving you flexible access to the offerings included in the platform. Purchase entitlement based on your expected needs. When your business requirements change, gain the flexibility to add or stop using a product and apply the same flex points to another offering within the platform, as long as you stay within total flex points purchased.

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Flexible data governance strategy

With multiple entry points, adopt a data governance strategy to suit your organizational objectives while shaping business information in unique ways as per your needs.

Archive and streamline applications

By consolidating applications, retiring outdated databases and modernizing existing systems, focus on important projects, thus reducing risk and enhancing application quality.

Confidence in big data analytics

Obtain clean, consolidated, consistent and current information. Use this information to drive big data projects and applications while aligning with governance objectives.


Privacy and protection

Identify data with meaning, assess data value and risk, secure PII, PCI, and PHI, and get ready for GDPR.

In the spotlight

See what's new with IBM InfoSphere Information Server V11.7

InfoSphere Information Server has an array of new capabilities to advance its functionality even further.

  • User interface modernization and consolidation
  • Improving management and runtime on the data lake
  • Connectivity enhancement
  • Platform modernization and simplification


IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

Use a standardized approach for discovering your IT assets and defining a common business language with InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog. Find context in your data sources while understanding lineage and scale.

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer provides data quality assessment, data quality monitoring, and data rule design and analysis capabilities.

IBM StoredIQ Suite

IBM StoredIQ Suite addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, data storage and data migration initiatives.

IBM Optim

Manage data from requirements through retirement to improve business agility while reducing costs.

IBM Industry Models

Industry Models combine deep expertise and industry best practice in a usable form (“blueprint”) for both business and IT communities to accelerate industry solutions.


InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

Understand information and foster collaboration between business and IT, establishing a foundation for information integration and governance projects.

The truth about information governance and the cloud

Good hybrid information governance implies several priorities for IT and the business which are based on four foundational pillars.

Analyst research: Big data, bad data, good data

This IDC white paper explores the link between good information governance and the outcomes of big data analytics projects.

Survey Results: Data Integration Reaches Inflection Point

Organizations weigh in on their most common data integration challenges.

Customer success


To protect its clients and its reputation, insurer CZ needed its systems to comply with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. IBM Infosphere Optim Test Data Management helps CZ in ensuring data privacy and facilitates compliance with GDPR regulations.

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