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Trusted data and AI are the main ingredients for a successful digital transformation. To scale AI, you need to overcome the challenges of talent scarcity, data complexity and trust.

The Data and AI Virtual Forum series from IBM offers insight into how to tackle the talent, trust and data barriers to AI. In this year’s industry-focused event, you can experience client stories, hear from financial services and insurance industry leaders, connect with IBM executives and experts, and understand how IBM can help you accelerate your journey to AI.


Trustworthy AI: Forging the future of banking, insurance and financial markets

Across financial services, organizations are blazing a new trail — one that strikes a balance between GRC and innovation. In an era of heightened risks and rewards, how does trustworthy AI turn what can feel like a fire walk into a sure-footed path. What’s the payoff?

This session steps through the principals of governed data and AI technologies within an open and diverse ecosystem rooted in ethical principles. Hear how you can put them into practice at scale for empowered compliance, competitive advantage and customer lifetime value.


  • Amit Saxena, Global Deputy Chief Technology Officer, State Bank of India
  • Bjarne Nelson, Information Technology Architect, UBS
  • Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Seth Dobrin, PhD, Global Chief AI Officer, IBM
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Session tracks: How can you use AI?

Manage risk and compliance

Ease and automate your compliance burden using data and AI

By embedding AI into GRC processes, organizations can identify new patterns and mitigate emerging threats, while also eliminating the manual process of reviewing charts and spreadsheets. In this session, you'll learn about best practices from Citi, KPMG and SureStep Systems Integration to better understand, visualize and govern your data with AI.


  • Kelly Combs Eshelman, Director,  KPMG
  • C. Michael Gibbs, President and CEO, SureStep Systems Integration
  • Joshua Goldsmith, Business Analytics Senior Group Manager, Citi
  • Christophe Delaure, Senior Product Manager, OpenPages, IBM
  • Rodney Rideout, GRC Strategy, Risk and Compliance Strategy,  IBM


How to build multidisciplinary teams to deploy AI-enabled operations 

What does it take for businesses to scale impactful AI-enabled operations while reducing risk? Join Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader of Banking and Financial Markets at IBM, as he discusses how IT can establish close relationships with corporate governance teams to provide ethical oversight for AI applications to address data privacy, decision rights and transparency. 


  • Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader, Banking and Finance, IBM 


Innovate with de-identification: How Rabobank tackles consumer privacy 

As the need to enhance the customer experience rises, so does use of personally identifying information (PII) used in AI modeling. With data privacy regulations growing, organizations must balance compliance with innovation needs. Join this fireside chat to hear how Rabobank automates data privacy, enabling high usability of their sensitive data through de-identification and delivering business growth. 


  • Ralph van Beek, DevOps Architect, Rabobank  
  • Jessie Yang, Product Manager, Data Privacy for CP4D, Optim, IBM 


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Unify data access

Ensure your AI is trustworthy by automating model lifecycle governance
When deploying AI at scale, the infrastructure and expertise needed to instill trust in models and their output is critical. Learn how IBM Research and product engineering is helping a leading US bank to create an AI Governance hub for automated testing, validation, monitoring and active enforcement of policies irrespective of where models are built or deployed.

Speakers: To be announced

Unlock data to navigate market disruption and drive business agility
As businesses seek to drive digital transformation, and keep up with rapidly evolving markets, they're recognizing new opportunities to unleash the full value of their data. In this session, Forrester Research and IBM will discuss the principles for building a modern platform that unifies access to data in a hybrid cloud world and the innovation that data fuels.


  • Gene Leganza, VP, Research Director, Forrester  
  • Tony Giordano Senior Partner, Practice Leader Data Platform Services, IBM


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Optimize workflows

Learn how AI can automate operations to optimize workflows, deliver superior customer experiences and support credit underwriting, loan and credit card default management and claims adjustments.

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Speed digital reinvention

The future of credit decisions platforms, strategies and scoring 

See how a major North American bank supported client and account level decisioning of credit strategies and scoring with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. This data and AI platform enabled the ingesting of large data volumes spread across multiple sources, experimentation with a variety of predictive models and open-source analytics tools, and the optimization of models with business policies. 

Speakers: To be announced

Using AI to pursue strategic opportunities and drive business results 

Annual investments in AI applications crossed the hundred-billion dollar mark in 2019 and is growing at more than 17% a year. Join senior technology experts from IBM and IDC as they share insights into how successful organizations are successfully deploying high-impact AI-enabled operations across the enterprise. 


  • Ritu Jyoti, Program Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead, IDC 
  • Cathy Reese, Senior Partner - AI & Analytics Practice Leader, IBM 


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