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In light of global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and building upon recommendations from the World Health Organization, IBM is taking a new approach to our face-to-face event experiences. We are launching a new, digital learning platform to help you acquire the knowledge you need to learn how your organization can adapt and evolve to new ways of working…anywhere, anytime. Digital transformation has taken center stage as an imperative for organizations across every industry—not just for the future, but for today. That is why we’ve specifically designed each Data and AI Virtual Forum event to help you tackle the most common challenges you’re facing today: talent scarcity, data complexity, and a lack of trust in AI systems.  

Attend these events to hear best practices from businesses of all sizes and across all industries, connect with IBM executives and experts, and understand what the future holds for the IBM Data and AI portfolio, so you can ultimately overcome the challenges you’re faced with and accelerate your journey to AI.


Data and AI Virtual Forum

Strengthening Crucial AI Skills

17 June, 2020 at 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET and 7:00 PM – 11 PM ET 

AI skills are in high demand. Our first Data and AI Virtual Forum is focused on helping you close the talent gap. Finding the experts who can build and scale your AI can be challenging. Learn how to make AI more accessible to everyone across the business, and discover how you can automate AI with AI. Interactive sessions, keynotes and client conversations will address how to strengthen the crucial AI skills you need to be able to fully embrace AI opportunities at your organization.


The agenda includes engaging panels with industry leaders, clients, analytics and business partners. Explore the agenda below.

Talent and Tech in Post-Pandemic World

Daniel Hernandez

In a world of rapid change, digital transformation has taken center stage as a must-do imperative for organizations across every industry—not just for the future, but for today. Contrary to popular belief, people are just as important to ensure a successful digital transformation as technology. As the saying goes: “AI won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t.” Your ability to adapt to an even more digital future depends on your ability to develop the next generation of skills and adopt the right technology to future-proof your organization for a post-pandemic world.

Daniel Hernandez

Journey to AI:  Scale the value of your data  and put AI to work

How pioneers achieve AI outcomes despite skills gaps

Host: Srividya Sridharan, Forrester | Panel: Linda Murata (Pulsar Platform) + Tiphani Combre (ADP)+ Ritika Gunnar (IBM) (TBC)

Recent Forrester-led commissioned research of the obstacles businesses face in scaling AI yielded stark findings: Three of the top four talent challenges indicate that teams lack the requisite skills to scale AI. Data engineering, data science, and developer skills are all in short supply. Of course businesses need the power of AI at scale now more than ever. They can't wait. Learn how leaders in industries as diverse as online HR solutions and advanced audience intelligence are achieving impressive results with solutions powered by Watson. Join us to hear more from Forrester analyst Srividya Sridharan, IBM executive Ritika Gunnar and two 2020 Women Leaders in AI honorees.

Building AI Skills: A How-To Guide (EDUCATION)

Ana Echeverri (IBM)

Everyone talks about the importance of developing AI skills. But what does this really mean? And how do you get started? AI skills are a collection of competencies that go from understanding AI capabilities to be able to identify opportunities for new AI in your organization, to having the ability to use sophisticated specialized technologies with focused outcomes, to having the capacity to build your own AI models through deep technical programming skills, and a solid mathematical foundation. In this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from Ana Echeverri, AI Skills Lead at IBM, as she provides a roadmap of skills to develop based on your own interests and professional needs around AI.

Infuse your talent strategy with AI that ignites your workforce (GBS/TALENT)

Elizebeth Varghese, Andy Jankowski (IBM)

Leading organizations understand the impact of AI on business models, workforce demographics, and the changing experiences expected by customers and employees alike – and today, AI has become exceedingly accessible for the HR profession. AI is enabling organizations to solve pervasive talent issues such as attracting and developing new skills, improving employee experiences, streamlining communications, providing analytical decision support, and making more efficient use of HR budgets. With some upskilling of the workforce, ethical operating guidelines, and a healthy dose of technical curiosity, the HR function is now positioned to truly drive strategic advantage while better supporting the employees we rely on to put the strategy into action. AI can be applied in almost any area of HR and in this session, we will share use cases for AI across the employee journey – along with the growing importance of AI in times of crisis.

AI: Only as good as the ecosystem that supports it (PARTNER)

Host: Erin Gabrielson (IBM) | Panel: LPA Software Solutions, NewComp Analytics and Mark III

Join us for an engaging discussion with IBM Data and AI and Systems business partners LPA Software Solutions, NewComp Analytics and Mark III, focused on business partner best practices. The panel will discuss their typical sales process, most successful tactic in opening client conversations, current use cases that are resonating in the market, and client success stories. Moderated by Erin Gabrielson, Program Director of Data & AI Ecosystem and With Watson Marketing.

Cloud Modernization:  Make your data ready for an AI and hybrid cloud world 

Empower your employees to focus on higher value work


Everyone has heard of 80/20 dilemma: for each hour a data scientist spends analyzing data, they spend several more on finding data. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a leading data and AI platform, self-service analytics enables your entire data team to utilize governed data without searching for hours. Utilizing Data Virtualization and auto-discovery capabilities, business ready and intelligent data governance of data in an integrated platform, saving their employees' time and your money. Join us to find out how to get started today.

How Saudi Aramco answers employee questions faster with an AI-fueled help desk

Saudi Aramaco + Hemanth Manda (IBM) (TBC)

Employees seeking help from their company often search for minutes or hours for answers. It’s just not efficient. To combat this, Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest companies, worked with IBM to develop an automated AI-fueled help desk. Based on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Saudi Aramco's solution quickly answers IT queries, HR policies and community service policies. Join IBM and Saudi Aramco to learn how employees now spend less time searching for information, and more time developing the talent, skills and solutions needed for Saudi Aramco’s growth.

Start small and scale large: How to build data lakes on the cloud (PUBLIC CLOUD)

Adam Kocoloski + Riz Amanuddin (IBM)

IBM Cloud eases the burden for data professionals to easily and efficiently build data lake capabilities for the organization and democratize structured analysis of data.  Learn how IBM Cloud platform can be leveraged through Cloud Pak for Data solutions to collect and organize your data in Object Storage and quickly build data transformations and analytics with serverless SQL Query.  We will show how these components can be used on both a small and large scale.  Hear how your organization can take advantage of the IBM Cloud to immediately start building skills at no risk and expand quickly from development to production in a self-service manner.

Building data-centric applications on the cloud (PUBLIC CLOUD)

Host: Alan Bivens (IBM) + Panel: Joshua Mintz, James Bennett (IBM)

At the heart of any data centric application is the data fabric and the data stores which drive connectivity, availability, auditability and governance.  As the requirements on data regulation, resilience and scale become more pronounced, data practitioners need application components that are not just built for ease of provisioning but those that are also built for ease of management.  This panel will explore how IBM Cloud services offered through Cloud Pak for Data like Event Streams and popular datastores like IBM Cloud Databases are helping clients easily provision and securely manage data centric applications.  Use this session to expand your knowledge of why IBM Cloud is the premier platform to build your data intensive applications.

Data Modernization:  Make data simple  and accessible

Meeting the demands of post-COVID, with Harry Rosen

Joshua Kim, Ben Hudson (IBM) + Jay Sewell (Harry Rosen)

Harry Rosen, a leading menswear retailer in Canada, built their analytics stack on the IBM Cloud to support their transformation to a data-driven culture. After moving reporting from Oracle to IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, they’re able to support their most complex analytical needs at a much faster pace. Like many other retailers, Harry Rosen recently faced an overnight transformation from brick-and-mortar to online retail, and a sudden requirement for more reporting to ensure an effective transition. Join Jay Sewell, Director of Analytics at Harry Rosen, for a session on the complexities of retail analytics and how the right information architecture can ensure business continuity in the most dramatic of circumstances.

Capitalogix: A data science firm in disguise


Capitalogix may look like a typical hedge fund, but it's really a data science firm in disguise. Their data science professionals build models that analyze capital markets and economic conditions all over the world, trying to identify opportunities for investment. Hear how Netezza Performance Server on Cloud Pak for Data System offered Capitologix benefits beyond performance. Its cloud functionality lets the team change deployment models as needed, and leverage offsite resources for functions such as disaster recovery. Its built-in data science tools, such as Spark, allow data scientists to build, train and deploy models all within the platform, using languages they know without having to move data around.

COVID Disruption: The power of computer vision (STORAGE)

Joseph Dain + David Wohlford (IBM)

Disruption of business and social norms have accelerated the use of AI to help mitigate COVID’s impact. Indexing and organizing critical data, such as images that contain body temperatures for symptoms of COVID-19, social distancing information, or monitoring mask use, can provide valuable insights for increased understanding and better decisions. Beyond the immediate use cases, computer vision and data organization are helping to drive increased automation across the manufacturing industry by discovering defects in the production line and reducing manufacturing errors. This case study explores how the organization of this data, through the use of Spectrum Discover, is used to index and classify data in real time for the AI journey and integrate valuable insights into IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

In an uncertain world: Data and analytics are the certainty (PARTNER)

Arun Murthy (Cloudera) + Daniel Hernandez (IBM)

Leading companies are turning decision-making into an industrial process—integrating data gathering, analytics and modeling—to make business decisions with ever improving accuracy. Connecting and securing this data lifecycle is foundational to scaling data-driven decision making with AI. Hear from Daniel Hernandez, GM IBM Data and AI and Arun Murthy, Chief Product Officer at Cloudera, how IBM and Cloudera make this possible and more with Cloudera Data Platform that manages and secures the data lifecycle in any cloud or data center.

DataOps: Organize your data to create a business-ready analytics foundation 

Close your skills gap with DataOps methodology

Itumeleng Monale (Standard Bank of South Africa) + Elaine Hanley, Aliye Ozcan (IBM)

Streamlining data operations (DataOps) is essential in delivering trusted data to users and AI fast before opportunities vanish. Doing so requires the orchestration of people, processes and technology. In the shortage of skills, the IBM Garage methodology brings DataOps business, development and operations people together to continuously design, deliver and validate new functionality.  Join this 20-minute session covering:

  • The need for DataOps people process alignment exemplified by Standard Bank of South Africa
  • The six phases in the DataOps lifecycle by IBM DataOps Center of Excellence
  • Introduce upcoming Data Engineering Coursera certification based on DataOps methodology

How IBM DataOps accelerates the journey to AI

Steven Lueck (Associated Bank) + Steven Eliuk, Aliye Ozcan, Karen Madera (IBM)

Operational excellence and AI require trusted data at the speed of business. A holistic approach to getting data from data sources, profiling for data quality, putting it into business taxonomy, and applying business controls and governance is critical for business success. Likewise, organizations need to arm their people with automated and agile data operations to ease skill requirements and simplify processes. Learn how Associated Bank streamlined Data Operations (DataOps) from ingestion to consumption with self-service data to shorten time to market by using IBM Cloud Pak for Data, as well as IBM’s own success story with DataOps by AI-led automation of metadata generation.

Data Science and AI: Explore the rise of data and AI within the finance industry

Applying AI to your biggest decisions

Dean Hully (Llamasoft) + Carlvin Paris (IBM)

High growth organizations are accelerating time to value using AI to automate critical business decisions. A solid data and AI platform can boost AI adoption by helping to address challenges like skills shortage and access to critical data sources for richer insights. In this session, we will explore how companies are using IBM Watson Studio Premium for Cloud Pak for Data to derive actionable insights by combining predictive and prescriptive analytics. Join us for a fireside chat with Llamasoft, a company that delivers the science behind supply chain’s biggest decisions. Learn how 750 of the world’s leading supply chains leverage this AI-enabled supply chain platform to explore options and assess risks and trade-offs to accelerate decisions.

Unleash your full analytical potential

Angela Jamerson (IBM)

In order to stay competitive, researchers, subject matter experts and business analysts need to incorporate advanced statistical techniques into their workflows. To generate accurate results for use in wider solutions, they need easy access to advanced statistical algorithms. They also need the ability to manage and transform their data before applying specific techniques. For all these purposes SPSS Statistics provides the reliability and the power to enable powerful workflows, based on an industry-leading collection of statistical procedures combined with an intuitive UI purpose-built for statistical analysis.

Automating the AI Lifecycle (DESIGN)

Jennifer Sukis, Robin Langerak (IBM)

Designing an AI means defining the kind of data you’ll need, assessing its quality, anticipating if the model will need to adjust for the holiday season sales, or if age ranges will affect the results…not necessarily everyone’s area of expertise. Watson automates the technical aspects of these processes so you, our users, can focus on the big picture decisions. Join us for a session where you’ll see how anybody can use AutoAI on IBM Watson Studio to build and deploy data science models within minutes.

Machine learning for quality management (SYSTEMS)

Scott Campbell (IBM)

Delivering AI at the edge means making it available where and when users need it. This requires significant coordination between AI model development and effective execution. With IBM Visual Inspector, organizations are able to deploy custom computer vision AI capabilities to the edge—right in the palm of a user's hand. Unlike many other offerings, the combination of IBM Visual Inspector and IBM Visual Insights allows users to develop custom AI models with high accuracy. In this session, you will see a demo of this new technology and learn how clients are developing and deploying it with specific use case examples.

AI for...

Beyond the Bot: Staying Ahead with AI

Host: Toby Cappello (IBM) | Panel: Maricopa County + Eprimo (TBC)

It's time to move past deploying traditional chatbots and virtual agents to truly infusing AI throughout departments and business processes. Hear how organizations around the globe are adopting AI and incorporating advanced analytics using Natural Language Processing (NLP) - to engage customers, assist agents, and surface valuable insights to managers to optimize operations. Join the panel discussion hosted by Kristen Summers, CTO of Data and AI, with IBM clients and analysts from Aberdeen Group as they discuss the benefits organizations see when infusing AI.

Beyond the Bot: Staying Ahead with AI 

Host: Kristen Summers (IBM) | Panel: Aberdeen + KPMG + Honda (TBC)

COVID-19 has everyone looking for answers, straining businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations. IBM has partnered closely with our customers to adapt quickly and re-imagine the ways they connect with their users through AI. Join industry leaders as they discuss what they've learned from the recent crisis how they continue to put their customers first.

Inside AI’s fight against fraud and financial crimes


The frequency of high-profile incidents, losses, and regulatory penalties makes it clear that financial institutions across the globe are dealing with systemic threats from financial crime. From payment fraud and money laundering to fraudulent insurance claims, these offenses not only create massive costs for organizations and their consumers, but also fuel criminal enterprises. Hear how financial institutions are addressing these challenges using AI and advanced analytics, and what impact these technologies have had not only on financial organizations, but their customers as well.

Conquering the age of insights with AI

Mike Norris (IBM) (TBC)

As we enter a new era of finance transformation, forward-thinking businesses are implementing strategies focused on process automation, agility, transparency and data-driven decisions. Technologies such as augmented intelligence, predictive analytics and cloud are changing the way finance professionals work and increasing the value they bring to their organization. Join us for a discussion on how planning and analytics solutions with AI built in can transform your financial operations and empower your finance teams.

How to save a half million dollars a minute with AIOps

Host: IDG (CIO editor) | Panel: Rich Lane, Forrester Analyst + IBMers (TBC)

USD 500,000 per minute. That is the average cost of unplanned downtime, according to a 2019 Forrester survey of IT executives. This can translate to billions of dollars per year in losses for businesses, as well as damage to reputation and to future revenue from dissatisfied customers. In today’s business climate, highly available services are needed to meet customer expectation and demand. IT can meet these demands if they radically speed incident response to minimize and even prevent outages altogether by making use of all their data and leveraging the power of AIOps. Join IBM, Forrester, and IDG to learn about key success factors for AIOps, such as unifying and correlating all data, applying an intelligent overlay across your disparate monitoring tools, and integrating AIOps into your ChatOps environment.

Financial Services Sector: Explore the rise of data and AI within the finance industry

AI in Finance for a post-COVID world (INDUSTRY)


COVID-19 is affecting more than 196 countries, areas, and territories, presenting us with an unprecedented, global challenge. Will the implementation and scale of AI in the financial services sector accelerate due to the current crisis? Attend this session to learn how financial institutions can digitally transform for a post-COVID world.

In the financial sector? Here’s the hottest AI domains you need to know (INDUSTRY)


Client experience, enhanced banker knowledge, and learning process automation are the hottest domains in finance-sector AI. We take a deep dive into what AI is really bringing to each of these domains.

Feeling the RegTech pressure? How to relieve it with AI (INDUSTRY)


Banks have never been under more pressure. A volatile global economy, intense competition and tighter regulations have formed a perfect storm for financial institutions around the globe. How can organizations release the pressure? Through business transformation, people, and technology. Join us to hear the lessons learned from real client cases so you can relieve the RegTech pressure.

Navigate uncertainty and financial recovery with customer-facing AI solutions (PARTNER)


Right now companies everywhere are focused on cost savings, risk mitigation and business continuity. IBM’s partner Personetics is the leading provider of customer-facing AI solutions for financial services.

In this session Personetics and IBM discuss:

  • Leveraging Personetics’ Insights solution to help customers through COVID-19 financial recovery
  • How banks are using Personetics’ financial data-driven personalized engagement to help small businesses navigate uncertainty
  • How to drive quicker AI deployments at lower cost through a hybrid-cloud Data and AI solution that runs anywhere and connects to data anywhere


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Why attend the 2020 Data and AI Virtual Forum?

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