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What is your industry?



Professional services

Energy & utilities


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What is your company size?






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What are the top pressures facing your organization from a financial planning perspective?

Market volatility is creating a need to respond in real time and adapt plans

Poor communication and collaboration across departments

Current planning process is too long and resource-intensive

Inaccuracies in plans, budgets or forecasts

Need for more granular analysis

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Are you currently using specialized software for planning?

Yes. We have one planning solution in use across the organization.

Yes. We have multiple planning solutions in use across the organization.

Yes. Just the finance team uses a planning solution.

No. We use Microsoft Excel for most planning and analysis.

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How satisfied are you with the speed of your planning process?

Very satisfied. Our plans, budgets and forecasts are created within a few days.

Satisfied. Our plans are completed within a few weeks.

Slightly dissatisfied. Our plans take months to complete.

Extremely dissatisfied. Our plans are siloed and messy, spread across multiple spreadsheets that are difficult to reconcile.

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How easy is it for your teams to make changes to plans and forecasts?

Very easy. We’re able to make a change in one plan that flows to all other plans.

Easy. Our teams are in close collaboration so when we make a change, we make sure it is executed across other plans.

Difficult. We make changes to our overall plan, but those changes are not executed across any other plans.

Very difficult. It is very hard to make changes – it’s too labor intensive and time-consuming to manage.

Not applicable. No live agents.

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What percentage of your time do you spend collecting and consolidating data?

25% or less



More than 75%

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How confident are you in that your plans and forecasts reflect the most current data available?

Very confident

Somewhat confident

Not confident at all

I don’t know

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How satisfied are you with your ability to perform what-if scenario modeling or change analysis?

Very Satisfied – my planning solution executes what-if scenarios very quickly and easily

Satisfied – my planning solution executes what-if scenarios in an acceptable amount of time and effort

Unsatisfied – my planning solution makes this very difficult or impossible

N/A – I don’t do what-if scenario modeling or change analysis

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How prepared do you feel to emerge from the pandemic with resiliency?

Ready. I know my organization’s next steps.

I know that I need to improve my planning process but I’m not sure where to start.

Not ready. I need proof that a modern planning solution would positively impact my business.

Not applicable. Our business is not interested in new planning software.

Not applicable. We feel confident with the resources we have.

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You are spending too much time working with an inefficient planning process. Like it or not, you could use an upgrade.

You're likely here because you know your planning process is both time-consuming and inefficient. Planning using spreadsheets and siloed workflows makes it very difficult to execute plans using new information or deliver accurate forecasts. You're spending most of your time collecting data instead of analyzing and optimizing data, and you can't be satisfied that the data you're using is even accurate.

You're also here because you know there's a better way. Modern planning solutions can give you an edge by allowing you to automate and streamline critical aspects of your planning process, create plans using real-time data, and perform insightful what-if scenarios.

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You have a decent planning solution in place, but it's not quite hitting the mark given how rapidly business is changing.

Your planning solution is siloed and remains a time-consuming process, leaving a potential gap between your plans and the latest data. While it's not impossible to react to rapid changes in your industry, it is difficult, and making fast decisions with your current process is often an arduous task.

You may find it challenging to optimize your plans — not only due to the lack of real-time data — but also due to the inability to execute "what-if" scenarios. Luckily, you're here because you're eager to see proof that a new solution exists and will be worth the investment.

Leading businesses are investing in modern planning solutions now more than ever because more specialized planning tools better allow you to predict and shape outcomes, streamline your processes and workflows, and automate some of the most time-consuming tasks like collecting and consolidating data.

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Your planning process runs smoothly with a few kinks, but you need more focus on analysis and optimization.

You're on the right track, but you can't accurately plan for the future in today's swiftly changing business environment if you can't build multiple models and perform "what if" scenarios with ease and speed. Your organization needs to move from being reactive to being proactive, which you can do with the right tools.

Modern planning solutions will help your organization accelerate critical decision-making by providing real-time updates to financial data and employing "what if" scenario modeling so you can test the outcomes of plans before implementing. More automated, granular analytics capabilities allow employees to gain better insights into business performance.

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Do more with AI-infused planning
The successful implementation of a resilient planning solution requires the orchestration of technology, business processes, and best practices. We've put together some resources to help you learn about the benefits of integrated planning solutions that connect all the parts of your organization and create more accurate plans, budgets, and forecasts.

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Congratulations! You're already ahead of the pack.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan to emerge with resiliency. Your technology foundation is solid, your data and forecasts are up-to-date, and your time to decision is in line with your top-performing peers. Bear in mind that your competitors are also investigating the same tools and resources, so it's wise to assume they are not far behind you.

It’s time to elevate your planning analytics by embracing AI to help you free up time, increase accuracy, and optimize your plans to drive the best possible results.

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