Learn how businesses are making data ready for an AI and hybrid cloud world with Cloud Pak for Data.

A medic interacting with a tablet

Skanderborg Music Festival (Smukfest)

Laying claim as one of Denmark's oldest and most beloved summer festivals, the Skanderborg Music Festival (aka “Smukfest”), has evolved as a showcase of IBM's ladder to AI.

A medic interacting with a tablet

IBM’s Data Science Elite team demonstrated the model development process in Cloud Pak for Data via Watson Studio with multiple AWS data sources.

Sujay Santra
CEO, iKure

IBM Integrated Analytics System empowers our clients to gain rapid insight into any type of data, whether it lives on premises or in the cloud.

William DeSpain
President, DAI Source

We work exclusively with IBM technology because IBM offers a truly fantastic variety of solutions.

Sanjeev Datta
Principal & CEO, Cresco International


Learn how businesses are using data science and AI to scale insights with AI everywhere.


Grasping usage patterns behind data to manage and maintain 12,000 bicycles across 800 London stations is the goal for Serco, which operates London’s cycle hire scheme.


ExxonMobil builds a collaborative data foundation for its Guyana project and reduces data prep time by an estimated 40 percent.

Smart Agritech Solution of Sweden

Visual recognition and an app-tracker helps farmers manage pig weight and growth, both critical for production.


Learn the major issues facing net-new companies and why governing AI is important for trust and transparency.


Unraveling the mysteries of corporate hierarchies with machine learning.

A man with a smartphone in one hand and a paper in another.

IBM Data and AI helps us explore big data and ultimately design better, smarter, safer automobiles.

Kyoka Nakagawa
Chief Engineer, TAC, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Automobile R&D Center


Find out how enterprises are operationalizing AI throughout the business.


Striving to achieve a net zero-carbon footprint by 2030, Siemens is focusing on cutting CO2 in production facilities in half by 2020. IBM helped Siemens make a critical breakthrough on the journey to AI.

James Fisher and Sons

Surging toward a renewable tomorrow, James Fisher and Sons is working with the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team to employ the electrifying power of data visualization built on Watson Studio.

Vodafone GmbH

Using Watson Assistant, Vodafone launched its personalized chatbot assistant, TOBi, to engage with customers across four digital messaging channels.

Japan Airlines

JAL’s chatbot application Makana-chan provides personalized recommendations and information from the time a customer begins searching for a flight.

A bunch of people together in a dark place where has a blue light

We looked at the whole market and quickly realized that IBM is a leader in IoT and cognitive analytics.

Henrik Ehrnrooth
President and Chief Executive Officer, KONE