Autostrade per l’Italia

IoT and AI technologies transform roadway maintenance.


The Skanderborg Music Festival combines sales data, music schedules and weather to reduce wasted stock.

Citi Bank

A leading global bank transforms critical internal audit operations with machine learning, natural language processing and AI.


A neonatal research and development organizations speeds sepsis diagnosis with AI and edge computing.


A European bank discovers the advantages of a data fabric for governed data access across its organization.

Fan Controlled Football (FCF)

Fan Controlled Football scores big with IBM Watson® Studio on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

The Urban Institute

The Urban Institute teams with IBM to fight inequality using AI.

US State Department's Earth Challenge

Earth Challenge mobile app helps combat natural extinction.

Danske Bank

A Danish bank integrates modern data cataloging to further data governance and privacy capabilities.


Apendo uses a conversational AI to deliver intuitive answers to citizens’ questions.

X5 Retail Group

A leading multi-format retailer in Russia streamlines data integration, governance and consumption with IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog.

Kyocera Corporation

An electronics manufacturer doubles productivity using automation technology.


This health tech company uses IBM Cloud Pak® for Data to ease model development and deployment on any cloud.

London's Cycle Hire

This bike-sharing service used data and AI to manage and maintain 12,000 bicycles across 800 stations.


This Danish energy company is using AI to pursue the mandate of providing 100% renewable energy by 2030.

IBM Global Chief Data Office

The data strategies development office within an IT company in the US increases responsiveness, improves sales strategies and doubles the development speed of new AI models.

Wichita State University

To continue its work of identifying at-risk students, WSU sought to consolidate its data resources and improve its overall data governance.

Wunderman Thompson

This global digital agency used IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build a dashboard for COVID-19 risk, readiness and recovery.

Regions Bank

A financial services organization deploys a methodology to develop high quality and trustworthy AI.

Highmark Health

Eliminating data silos and integrating AI predictive analytics models help healthcare providers identify patients at risk for sepsis complications — a condition with a 25% - 50% mortality rate.

Banco Sabadell

A Spanish multinational financial services company pioneers a digital banking model and reinforces security with IBM Cloud® and Red Hat®.

Upper Tana-Nairobi Water Fund

Africa's first Water Fund adopts an AI-supported plan that helps the agency deliver quality water in Kenya.


This multinational corporation optimizes insights and business outcomes with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


A growing healthcare company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to improve health outcomes for 15 million US consumers.


Streebo used IBM Watson® and IBM Cloud Pak® technology to create a chatbot accelerator to make the creation of chatbots a much simpler endeavor.


This machine learning and AI company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help regulated industries drive volumes of data at scale.

Cockroach Labs

This computer software company solves multicloud and data-compliance challenges with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


Leaders at this NoSQL database company break down barriers in the data maturity curve with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Accelerite ShareInsights

This digital transformation company helps leaders use their data from day one with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


This company employs IBM Cloud Pak for Data to advance its goal of data prep for machine learning.


With a focus on cloud native applications, this company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to empower developers.

Tech Mahindra

Leaders at this IT services provider use IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help clients use AI throughout their process cycle.


Marriott International

Marriott uses a decentralized architecture and automation to maximize customer insights to reimagine a new era of travel services.

Hera SpA

A leading multi-utility in Italy brings AI-based automation to the circular economy.

The Gemological Institute of America

GIA optimizes diamond grading using AI.

RSG Media

This media firm migrated its analytics platform to get deeper insight from larger, more complex data sets.


ExxonMobil chose the IBM Cloud® platform and Db2 for the first smartphone app from a major fuel retailer.


A Swedish air navigation service provider develops an AI-driven autonomous air traffic control solution following the agile IBM Garage methodology.


Learn how you could be paying less for software licensing.

BIC Camera

How Bic Camera increased data reporting times by 100X.


This science and tech company makes the most of deep insight into medical insurance data.


This IBM Business Partner offers new insights to L'Oreal and other clients with IoT sensors and edge analysis.

knowis AG

This German software vendor uses the IBM Db2 on Cloud database to support its financial application, giving customers a lower cost, lower maintenance deployment option.

Supreme Court of Virginia

SCVA migrated apps to the latest generation of IBM Z® technology — providing higher performance with fewer compute resources.

City Furniture

This furniture retailer worked with IBM to support continuous operations and a scalable managed cloud platform.

Destiny Corporation

This consulting company cuts their client’s process time from days to minutes with IBM Netezza® Performance Server and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Sharpe Engineering Inc.

A software engineering company tackles challenges with streaming analytics and machine learning.

Cerebos Australia

This consumer products company improved financial-reporting performance by five times with accelerated data analytics.


Leaders of this firm helped global fuel retailers manage business using vital data from IoT devices.

Salling Group

This major retailer selected IBM for savings, resiliency and sustainability.



A leading financial services firm embraced data governance with a focus on data privacy.

Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank Group is preparing to embrace Africa’s AI opportunity.

New Jersey Judiciary

The New Jersey judiciary system uses algorithms to review millions of case files to reduce bail decision bias.

Sonoma County

This California county uses data and AI to help citizens in need.


This fertilizer producer is partnering with IBM to create a digital farming platform with consistent data governance and data security.

BBVA Compass

These bankers implemented data governance solutions for structured and unstructured data.

State Farm

For this insurance firm, test data management led to faster application and product development.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

A smarter approach to governance helped this company reduce costs and strengthen compliance.

Flagstar Bank

To craft custom solutions, these bankers modernized their information architecture for business-ready data.


Leaders at this data firm addressed GDPR and the benefits of data anonymization for analytics.

Verus Financial

This auditing company uses IBM analytics solutions to help insurance beneficiaries claim their rightful property.

The Government of Odisha

An Indian state government uses analytics to ensure that at-risk citizens receive needed benefits.



A language-training school in Spain develops a language innovation platform resulting in a shorter level test for student placement.

Ancestry unlocks real-time financial insights with Jose Balitactac.

Croce Rossa Italiana Comitato di Udine

Machine learning keeps ambulance transport on schedule.


A global leader in the building materials industry is de-carbonizing road construction with decision optimization, cloud and AI.


Tech start-up automates role-playing games, making them more convenient for all.

Banco Inter

Brazil’s first all-digital bank taps market-leading IBM AI for payment fraud prevention.


A large Middle Eastern parking facilities operator drives business growth with real-time analytics.


Retailer incorporates smarter supply chain planning with IBM Planning Analytics.


Global manufacturing services company tracks costs and maximizes margin with real-time data.

Lufthansa Group

Germany’s largest airline enhances customer experience and operational excellence with a data and AI strategy built on IBM Cloud® and IBM Watson.


AI-powered virtual assistant works seamlessly across the company’s website, customer portal, Allianz Engage app and Facebook to meet customers where they live, work and play.

James Fisher and Sons plc

This marine solutions company uses data visualization to help its customers make informed asset-management decisions.


An airline’s earliest days of flight come to life with hybrid cloud and AI.


Leaders built a collaborative data foundation and reduced data prep time by an estimated 40%.


KPMG uses Watson OpenScale to help build transparent and explainable AI in the enterprise and provide insight into the data that contribute to the decision-making of an AI model.

Geisinger Health System

This healthcare organization used machine learning to develop more effective treatments for sepsis.


Company leaders mined unstructured data to help predict intent, whenever and wherever customers interact.

Mohawk College

Educational institution keeps students better informed as they head back to school.

Anadolu Anonim Türk Sigorta Şirketi

New modeling platform delivers a comprehensive view of customers alongside AI-driven product and marketing recommendations.

Decision Makers

Decision Makers Ltd. brings IT expertise to water utilities.


Novolex contains its timelines with faster, better planning during turbulent change.

Rebase Energy

Going green gets easier with a hosted energy analysis toolbox.


Prescriptive analytics accelerates ceramics clay blending.


Lumileds shifted its focus from meeting just-in-time manufacturing demands to better optimizing its business with facts-driven decisions.


This marketing, advertising and technology company combines AI and the future of intelligent websites to empower marketers.

North York General Hospital

This hospital meets COVID-19 head-on with data-driven insights to improve care.

JP Morgan Chase

One of the world’s largest banks reached new levels of precision in risk management models.

State Bank of India

An intelligent platform puts State Bank of India customers first.

Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe

Manufacturer integrates planning for the future of mobility.

Wunderman Thompson

This global digital agency is harnessing data and AI to create relevant experiences for brands.

Bell Textron Inc.

IoT technology and AI deep-learning algorithms help a helicopter manufacturer predict the useful life of components, prevent equipment failure and lower costs.


BrainCreators use accelerated IBM Power® Systems servers to help companies increase productivity, quality and efficiency.

Robertson Group

Robertson Group used IBM Planning Analytics powered by IBM TM1® technology on IBM Cloud to unify multiple data sources and automate complex reporting.


This Scandinavian postal operator is tackling missed deliveries with data and AI.

Banco Macro

Leaders at this Argentinian bank use AI to achieve 3 to 4 times improvement in marketing outreach.


This Austrian startup used IBM Watson solutions to help train and deploy deep learning models quickly.

Fifth Third Bank

Leaders at this financial services company built a security-rich environment for advanced science.

Red Electrica de Espana

This Spanish electricity provider used data science and machine learning in the move to sustainable energy.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos France

Bankers used machine learning in the cloud for mobile-app loan decisions that save time and effort for customers.

Rugby Football Union

Leaders at this English union use centralized CRM and analytics-driven marketing to personalize fan messages.

Boots UK

This pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer lifted incremental spending with personalized promotions.

West Point

The US Military Academy employs prescriptive analytics to help cadets prepare for real-world problems.

DSK Bank

The largest private bank in Bulgaria delivers fast service to customers and manages risk in the loan process.



A predictive AI platform helps food and beverage producers tap into emerging trends.


A large call center company describes how they transformed their call center operations using IBM Watson Assistant.


AI helps transform the way transaction diligence is performed.

State of Rhode Island

A state government modernizes its systems to optimize public health response.


The producer of Finland’s most popular bread uses AI to upgrade its planning.


Australia’s largest telco deploys an HR virtual assistant to manage internal queries and enhance self-service functionality.


A cosmetics giant finds a common language with AI-powered analytics.

Cardinal Health

A global healthcare services company starts small and scales fast to improve customer experiences and reduce costs.

University of Florida

A higher education institute deploys a virtual assistant to provide easily accessible, up-to-the-minute information to its student body.

Equatorial Energia S.A.

This Brazilian electrical power company is modernizing digital customer service channels with hybrid cloud and AI.

ETF Managers Group, LLC

This investment management company strives to beat the market with an AI-powered equity Exchange Traded Fund.

Ibercaja Bank

This Spanish bank revolutionizes customer service with AI-powered chatbots.

Ministry of Defence

UK’s Ministry of Defence unlocks innovation with enterprise applications and analytics.

The Talanoa Project

AI agent gives voice to a Samoan community.


A Dutch banking institution advances its digital transformation with virtual agents.

Dubber Corporation Ltd

One of the world’s largest recording services is turning conversations into data.

MANA Community

Nongovernmental organization helps halt global deforestation with AI.

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Australian rugby club uses AI to improve the game-day experience for fans.


KPMG helped businesses process leasing contracts automatically with AI.


Internal and external virtual assistants improved pharmaceutical company’s customer satisfaction and employee productivity.


This global digital agency is harnessing data and AI to create relevant experiences for brands.


Conversational AI helps accelerate financial services response to COVID-19.


Healthcare agency unlocks answers to health questions with IBM Watson Assistant.

York University

An educational institute provides instant, personalized self-service to 50,000 students in English and French.


Meet your AI tour guide MIA —  PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank helps visitors enjoy art interactively.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

IBM Watson Assistant helps UAMS answer the public’s health questions.

Riyadh Airports Company

Airport maintenance efficiency takes off in Saudi Arabia.

Telefónica and TIM

The COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged AI for telcos.


IBM Watson Discovery helps ContractPodAi provide legal excellence.

Banco Inter

Banco Inter taps market-leading IBM AI for payment fraud prevention.


IPwe creates world’s first blockchain-powered patent platform.

Länsförsäkringar AB

An insurance company in Sweden improves decision-making, achieves cost savings and simplifies forecasting processes by reducing the central control function by two controllers.

Elkjøp Nordic AS

The Nordic region’s leading electronics chain empowered decision makers with real-time access to actionable insights to focus on business needs instead of software and infrastructure maintenance.


This automobile manufacturer is using IBM Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience.

Wunderman Thompson

This global digital agency used IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build a dashboard for COVID-19 risk, readiness and recovery.

Indue Ltd.

This Australian financial services company uses IBM technology to battle financial fraud in the new age of payments services.

Crédit Agricole

The world's largest cooperative financial institution automates manual tasks to free knowledge workers to focus on complex, risk-reducing decision making.

Crédit Mutuel

A leading French bank is freeing advisors from repetitive tasks to spend more time serving clients.

KOY Inteligência Jurídica

Law services firm streamlines case management with AI.

GM Financial

The financial services arm of General Motors uses IBM Watson Assistant to answer customer questions and improve the employee workday.

Vapo Oy

IBM Planning Analytics helped Finland’s Vapo Oy repurpose its stores of peat into an activated carbon portfolio.

Telefónica de Argentina

AI-infused platform helps predict and prevent outages and failures.

Clerk of the Superior Court in Maricopa County

This government office deployed IBM Watson Assistant to infuse AI into their workflows to provide better customer service, reduce costs and standardize responses across channels.

Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Working in tandem with human oceanographers and other autonomous vessels, IBM solutions provide a flexible and cost-effective option for deepening understanding of critical environmental issues and conservation efforts.


A company reduces the high economic and environmental costs of unsold inventory with AI-driven sales analysis and prediction capabilities.

CrushBank Technology LLC

This solution provider delivers a single-pane-of-glass view to IT support staff helping them resolve problems using AI and machine learning.

Idaho Secretary of State

The government agency uses a virtual assistant solution to ensure constituents receive the important election information they need.


This insurance software provider partners with IBM to offer the best customer experience in the worst of times.

US Open

The United States Tennis Association used AI to help redefine the fan experience at the US Open.

Alliant Energy

This Wisconsin-based utility company is using IBM Cognos® Analytics to empower users at every level of the organization.

ENN Group

An energy company in China achieves fast time to market, boosts employee productivity by 60% and gains business value worth millions of dollars.

Allianz AG – Taiwan

A life insurance company in Taiwan significantly increases its key customer satisfaction metric when it engages IBM Global Business Services to create Taiwan’s first AI-based customer assistant solution using the IBM Watson Assistant service running on IBM Cloud.


To optimize productivity across its systems and better serve retailers of all sizes, Frito-Lay worked to centralize and modernize its tools.


This global servicer of elevators and escalators uses IBM Watson IoT® to reduce downtime, identify faults and gather detailed performance information for maintenance crews.


PayPal uses IBM Watson conversational AI to divert 1.25 million conversations per month from its customer support centers, resulting in USD 4 million in savings.

Mueller, Inc.

This metal roof manufacturer helps skill up a small-town workforce with IBM Garage™ and data and AI solutions.

University of Florida

With the help of Cognos Analytics, UF is building a reputation as one of the best public universities in the US.


This global electrification, automation and digitalization company worked with IBM to employ AI, IoT and blockchain to reduce its carbon footprint.

General Motors

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers puts safety first with integrated audit, risk and control management.

TidalHealth Peninsula Regional

This healthcare provider improved efficiency, adoption and care experiences with AI-powered clinical decision support.


IBM Watson services, integrated with Box, automatically structure content and automate workflows in the cloud.


With a new AI platform, LegalMation drafts high-quality litigation work in minutes and reduced costs by 80%.


This insurance company, working with IBM Services®, is developing a roadmap to become a cognitive enterprise.

Japan Airlines

The airline is employing a chatbot, powered by IBM Watson AI technology, to provide personalized recommendations from the moment a customer begins searching for a flight.

Vodafone GmbH

The second-largest telecommunications company in Germany revolutionizes customer service with an intuitive chatbot.

Miami-Dade County

This county government uses IBM Watson Assistant to take a refreshing approach to serving its citizens.

Ancestry and Data41

Ancestry scales growth and manages complexity with planning analytics for a hosted cloud solution.

San Jacinto College District

With IBM Watson solutions, this large academic organization is able to serve thousands of students 24/7.

Sunbelt Rentals

This heavy equipment rental company is scaling growth with IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1 and IBM Cognos® Analytics.

Smart Agritech Solution of Sweden

IBM Watson helps create a pig scale production tracking system.

Region Skåne

A leading healthcare provider in Sweden used intelligent workflows to improve patients’ quality of life.

AMVARA Consulting

Leaders at AMVARA helped improve self-service for a premium car maker, helping business teams worldwide.

Montage International

This hotel and resort management company is rapidly expanding using Data and AI solutions from IBM.

American University in Cairo

Leaders use data storage and IBM Cognos to improve the university experience.

Chautauqua Institute

This resort and education center is curating its guest experience with predictive analytics.

Goodpack IBC (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

This global logistics provider gained timely and reliable financial data to drive its business decisions with a single management reporting, budgeting and forecasting solution.

Roman's Pizza

This business deploys a lateral conversation interface for immediate response to frequently asked questions and tracking customer service challenges.

City of Austin, Texas

The city uses the IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens chatbot to deliver accurate and up-to-date information about the public health crisis.


This bank used Watson to create a reliable and accessible digital channel to respond to more than 1 million customer inquiries per month.

Korean Air

Korean Air uses IBM Watson Explorer to compile and analyze data from various sources to get actionable insights to help maintenance staff act faster and more thoroughly.


This telecommunications company uses IBM Planning Analytics, powered by TM1, to improve performance, integrate intercompany planning and centralize and automate reporting.


This global healthcare solutions company offers a mobile personal assistant to aid daily diabetes management.

Prudential Singapore

An industry-first chatbot, askPRU, fields questions in real time and enables call center financial consultants to focus on complex queries that deliver greater value to clients.

Stein Mart

This US retailer is making sense of complex data with IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1.

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