What is information lifecycle governance?

Information lifecycle governance (ILG) helps you manage your business information throughout its lifecycle – from creation to deletion. It addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives. By providing in-depth assessment of unstructured data where it resides, on-premises or in the cloud, these solutions give organizations visibility into data to make informed business decisions.

With information lifecycle governance solutions from IBM, you can discover how your organization can effectively manage the information lifecycle and avoid costs and risks to drive more business value from your data.

Data Assessment and cleanup

that allows an organization to discover, recognize and act on unstructured data without moving it to a repository or specialty application.

A powerful search function

that accelerates the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content.

Simplified analysis

of large amounts of corporate data to provide detailed analysis faster and limit the impact on user productivity by analyzing and managing data in-place.

Actionable intelligence

that supports many different policy actions such as copy, delete, move, copy to retention or export.


Identify and manage relevant content.

Information lifecycle governance products

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StoredIQ Suite

Understand the data across your enterprise – then discover, recognize and act on that data.

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StoredIQ for Legal

Discover an end-to-end platform that streamlines the eDiscovery process for legal stakeholders.

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Information lifecycle governance solutions



eDiscovery solutions from IBM streamline the eDiscovery process for legal stakeholders and aligns them with IT – providing faster insight into data and ensuring only the right information is collected.


Records and Retention

The IBM® Records and Retention solution provides records management and retention capabilities that address the full range of business content – including paper and electronic records and structured and unstructured data.



IBM® Value-Based Archiving solutions align the cost of archiving large volumes of data with the value associated with that data.


Defensible Disposal

IBM Defensible Disposal solution helps organizations determine what information is valueless and can be deleted, using defensible disposal decisions that are efficiently executed.

How to use Information Lifecycle Governance

Information lifecycle governance resources


Analyst Research: Big Data, Bad Data, Good Data

This IDC white paper explores the link between good information governance and the outcomes of big data analytics projects.


Information Lifecycle Governance Requirements Kit

Find the right information lifecycle governance tools more quickly with this detailed requirements checklist.


Enterprise Strategy Group - Store Less Spend Less

Managing data according to its economic value.

Client success stories


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

Completes eDiscovery in days instead of months while dramatically cutting litigation expenses and reducing overall information management costs.


Reducing business risk with a smart information lifecycle governance strategy

Consolidated Edison of NY

Reduces incremental costs by millions of dollars by shortening business processes from months to days, eliminating hefty regulatory fines and lessening the need to hire additional resources.

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