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Cloud Data Services solutions make it easy to process large data volumes at high speeds in a secure environment while gaining real insights faster, with less friction and complexity. Being that the solutions are fully managed, IBM manages the setup, configuration, and operations for your services, so you get up and running quickly. The solutions supply robust technology and you’ll be privy to an endless array of the industry’s latest integrated data and analytics technologies that are regularly upgraded. Finally, our solutions are scalable – so, you control what services you need, and how long you need them. You scale as your business needs demand, not your vendor’s.

Extend the data warehouse

Extend the data warehouse

Expand your infrastructure into the cloud exploiting the advantages of hybrid architecture. Elastically add data and analytic capability giving you flexibility and simplicity.

Analyze cloud data

Analyze cloud data

Capture and store the data where it is being generated and run your analytics directly in the cloud, rather then wasting valuable resources importing this data back on-premises.

Invest in the right technology

Invest in the right technology

We make it easy to process large data volumes at high speeds in a secure environment while gaining real insights faster – no costly capital procurement processes and no extended provisioning cycles.


Learn more about some of our most popular offerings.

Data warehouse in the cloud

IBM BigInsights Logo

IBM Db2 Warehouse offerings

Analyze your data where it resides — in the cloud — with a fully managed columnar data warehouse service. Just load your data and get started. Leverage in-database analytics and massively parallel processing (MPP) to understand your data quickly and leverage it for better decision making.

Multi-workload SQL database

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IBM Db2 Hosted

Get enterprise security and performance with the scale and agility of the cloud. Use the same trusted Db2 multi-workload relational database for heavy data lifting in a new self-service deployment with subscription licensing.

Data preparation and movement service

IBM DataWorks

IBM Bluemix Data Connect
(formerly IBM Dataworks)

Ensure you always have access to rich, high-quality data with a fully managed data preparation and movement service. ACT (access, combine and transform) on your data so you can start analyzing it today.


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TDWI Checklist Report: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Learn more about best practices for cloud-based data warehousing

Architecting a Platform for Big Data Analytics

Learn how modern analytics rest on the ability to create insight quickly from multiple data sources and types.

The fluid data layer: The future of data management

Explore how enhancing a hybrid cloud environment with data refinement, integration, management and more, data architects can free data from location restrictions and capitalize on its full value.

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IBM BigInsights on Cloud logo

IBM Db2 Warehouse offerings

This fully managed cloud data warehouse, purpose-built for analytics, offers MPP scale and seamless compatibility with a wide range of business intelligence tools.

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IBM Db2 Hosted

A solution delivering the power of IBM Db2 combined with the agility of cloud deployment—all under your control.

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IBM Bluemix Data Connect

IBM Bluemix Data Connect is a fully managed self-service data preparation and movement service which enables you to access, combine and transform your data.

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IBM Db2 Warehouse offerings: The power of data warehousing in the cloud

Db2 Warehouse offerings™ massively parallel processing (MPP) from IBM offers a fully managed cloud data warehousing service for builders—the developers, database administrators, business analysts, data scientists and more— who are bringing new solutions, architectures and applications to market every day.