Answer bigger, tougher questions faster

Keeping up is brutal, and data scientists are under increasingly tough pressure to deliver business insights. IBM helps data scientists wherever they are in the data science world—whether that is just starting to learn, or maturing a data science team’s capabilities. We do this by offering training, access to open tools, community support and big data analytics expertise.

We also offer the latest open source technologies like Apache Spark with integrated Notebooks via reliable, fully-managed services. IBM handles the complexity, which allows data scientists to achieve power, scale, and time back to focus on the last mile, and delivering business value.

Open source commitment

Open source commitment

Choose the best tool for the job from the largest collection of market-leading, open source, analytics capabilities.

Power, scale, and time back to focus on the last mile

Power, scale, and time back to focus on the last mile

We handle the complexity 24x7, no matter how big your data, or how complex your environment and processes.

Stay focused on development

Easy-to-use, integrated managed services

Fully managed cloud services are integrated with a rich ecosystem of data sources, so you can draw more insight from more data with less work.


Data scientists and machine learning with Apache Spark

Organizations of all kinds need data scientists. So, as part of its commitment to data science, IBM is making available technology almost 10 years in incubation, designed to help organizations apply machine learning through Apache® Spark™. This collaboration can offer significant benefits to the analytics industry as companies increasingly make space for machine learning in the enterprise.


Learn how other data scientists are using managed cloud services to speed up their work processes and delivery time.

Hadoop for the enterprise or self-starter

IBM BigInsights Logo

IBM BigInsights on Cloud

Accelerate to enterprise-grade advanced analytics built on proven open source Hadoop® technology.

Experiment with Spark and integrated Notebooks

IBM Spark as a Service Logo

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

Increase your analytics agility with the power of open source Apache Spark.

Data preparation and movement service

IBM DataWorks

IBM DataWorks

Ensure you always have access to rich, high-quality data with a fully managed data preparation and movement service.

Trials for data scientists

IBM BigInsights on Cloud logo

IBM BigInsights on Cloud

IBM BigInsights on Cloud offers the performance and security of an on-premises Hadoop® deployment, including easy to use built-in analytics modules, without the cost or complexity of managing your own infrastructure.

IBM BigInsights on Cloud Basic Beta plan

We are in the process of rolling out an easy way to spin up Apache Hadoop clusters within minutes. Sign up to receive notifications when we open up the Beta program.

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IBM BigInsights on Cloud Enterprise plan

For an enterprise Hadoop offering on cloud, please check out BigInsights for Apache Hadoop on Bluemix.

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Apache Spark as a Service logo

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark™ gives you the power of Apache Spark with integrated Jupyter Notebooks, so that you can iterate faster, and get to answers faster. The service is fully-managed, which gives you immediate access to hassle-free Apache Spark.

DataWorks logo

IBM DataWorks

DataWorks is a fully managed self-service data preparation and movement service which enables you to access, combine and transform your data.


Access analyst reports, data sheets, white papers and more.

Hadoop in the cloud

IBM® BigInsights™ on Cloud provides Hadoop-as-a-service on IBM’s SoftLayer® global cloud infrastructure. It offers the performance and security of an on-premises deployment without the cost or complexity of managing your own infrastructure. BigInsights is an industry standard Apache Hadoop offering that helps enterprises cost-effectively manage and analyze big data.

Spark: The Next Wave of Intelligent Applications

Life revolves around prediction. For example, the route you take to get to work, whether to go on a second date, or whether to keep reading this sentence are all forms of prediction. Predicating our future is very much tied to progress. We use it to help us plan our lives so we can increase our likelihood of success. The problem is that the human mind cannot possibly process all of the insight flowing from big data.