What Watson Analytics + SurveyMonkey can do for you

SurveyMonkey data is a goldmine, providing you with customer preferences, beliefs, feelings, and experiences. When you add IBM Watson Analytics to the equation, you expand the reach of this important data. You can use sentiment analysis to understand marketplace perception as well as data discovery and business intelligence capabilities to help you identify customer and consumer trends and patterns. It is the best way to quickly get important insights from your SurveyMonkey data - all in one place.

What Watson Analytics + SurveyMonkey can do for you

Gain your unique advantage

Access to easy, fast and powerful survey data analysis

Thanks to the integration of SurveyMonkey with Watson Analytics, you can now dig deeper into your SurveyMonkey responses. The combination of data discovery, dashboards and sentiment analysis provides insights, patterns, and trends you never knew existed.

Learn more about Watson Analytics and SurveyMonkey

You can explore your SurveyMonkey data by asking a question in natural language or choosing one of the starting points. Watson Analytics automatically generates visualizations that enable you to see things you might not have otherwise noticed. You can even get insights from answers to open-ended questions, input as comments, or text.

Watson Analytics + SurveyMonkey benefits

Understand the people

Understand the people who attend your events, buy your products, visit your website, or use your services.

Pick up emotion and sentiment, along with extracting entities, keywords, concepts and much more from survey responses.

improve customer satisfaction

Use insights from SurveyMonkey data to improve customer satisfaction for products and services.

Create dashboards to share your insights

Create dashboards to share your insights just by dragging and dropping.

Getting started

Becoming a survey analytics pro is easy.

Accelerate understanding

Accelerate understanding

Analyze SurveyMonkey data more easily and quickly with connectors, automatic visualizations and guided analysis.

Uncover hidden insights

Leave nothing open-ended

Uncover hidden insights from open-ended comments in SurveyMonkey data.

Begin analysis - in just a few clicks

Just a few clicks away

Import SurveyMonkey Data into Watson Analytics and begin analysis—in just a few clicks.


Explore Watson Analytics + SurveyMonkey

Start with a connector

Use the SurveyMonkey data connector to create a data set.

Get sentimental

Use the sentiment analysis capability to dig deep into survey answers and see what drives them.

Display your findings

Drag and drop your visualizations into a dashboard to tell a story.

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