Your customers are collecting more data than ever.  They need a secure and easy way to analyze, visualize and share the insights contained in this data.  Cognos Analytics is the ideal platform to enable users to build reports, dashboards and highly engaging, interactive visualizations on top of virtually any data source – on-Cloud or on-premise!

Maximize the value of your business solutions with Cognos Analytics

The self-service reporting capabilities in Cognos Analytics allows you to create informative,
engaging visualizations based on virtually any data source that is part of your business solution.  The robust security and governance capabilities of Cognos Analytics ensures that your users will build analytics they can trust for confident action. With Cognos Analytics, you can:

  • Bring your data to life
  • Make your data work for you and your clients
  • Provide analytics your clients can trust

Bring your data to life


Make your data work for you


Analytics you can trust for confident action

What can embedding Cognos Analytics in your products do for your clients?

  • Integrated solution for data discovery and reporting against virtually any data source
  • Guided experience to access data and create dashboards and reports
  • Consistent web-based experience.... on-Cloud or on premise
  • Proven governed platform for performance and scalability

Cognos Analytics is a slam dunk for ....


Independent software vendors

Incorporate best-in-class reporting and visualization capabilities into your solution to maximize your customer value.


Managed service providers

Help your clients maintain their enterprise reporting and data discovery capabilities without the overhead and capital expense of an on premise deployment.


Solution Integrators

Leverage the highly extensible Cognos Analytics platform to build fit-to-purpose solutions for your client base.


Device solution and app providers

Provide robust reporting and visualization capabilities for IoT data.

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