What is data warehousing today?

The foundation of a modern data warehousing architecture is the Hybrid Data Warehouse or Logical Data Warehouse (LDW). A Hybrid Data Warehouse, is comprised of multiple data warehousing technologies and platforms so that the right workload is running on the right technology. From Hadoop to on-premises analytical engines to cloud-based data stores, the LDW helps you support proactive decision making, reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase business user agility.

Data warehousing resources


Aberdeen Report: The Hybrid Data Warehouse, Fluid, Flexible, and Formidable

Explore the next generation of data warehousing, as you exploit both the best of on-premises, cloud and private cloud data warehouse systems.


IBM Fluid Query eases the way

Create insights from data that is found across a wide variety of sources in a Logical Data Warehouse environment.


Cloud-based data warehousing best practices

TDWI Checklist Report: Data Warehousing in the Cloud.