Storage for data and AI 
Unlock value from your data wherever it resides
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Accelerate AI and data-intensive workloads


IBM storage for data and AI unlocks the latent value in your data to fast track innovation and business results. Eliminate your data ingest and aggregation challenges, increase data relevancy and enable faster data analysis at scale. Create an information supply chain that empowers artificial intelligence and big data solutions across your organization.

Break performance barriers for big data and AI workloads


Solve your data challenges Realize faster time to value for data and digital transformation with a unified storage platform that consolidates file, block and object data services.  Retrieve data faster

Deliver data at scale while maintaining high performance, low latency and managed data access with limited to no downtime.

Reduce silos

Consolidate more data and workloads on one platform capable of running at the edge, on-premises and in cloud environments. 

Improve collaboration

Share data and workloads with the right people at the right time to increase workforce productivity, reduce copies, and improve resource utilization.

Simplify operations 

Centralize data and application services by managing them on a single, scalable platform that integrates with existing IT investments.

Optimize costs

Reduce application and data sprawl with a unified, flexible storage platform that scales up/down and in/out without compromising performance.

Reduce risk

Safeguard applications and data and recover quickly from breaches and attacks with integrated security and ransomware protection capabilities.


Cloud-scale storage for data-intensive workloads IBM Storage Scale

A scale-out file and object software-defined storage platform designed for AI, machine learning and high-performance computing workloads.

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IBM Storage Scale System

An all-flash, hybrid elastic compute and storage building block designed to create high-performing clusters for IBM Storage Scale in a sustainable IT architecture.

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IBM Storage Ceph®

An open-source, software-defined storage solution designed to address the block, file and object storage needs of modern enterprises for general purpose workloads.

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