IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health is committed to building smarter health ecosystems. This means simpler processes, better care, faster breakthroughs, and improved experiences for people around the world. We have the essential capabilities necessary to help our clients drive their digital transformations: deep industry expertise, data and analytics, and actionable insights—underpinned by security and trust.

Our impact

Improving decision-making in key areas.

60% increase in social work cases processed

$5 million saved for US employees through program optimization

80% increase in oncology clinical trial enrollment

80% reduction in hospital readmission rates related to COPD


Iconic moments for IBM in health.

Polio research number crunching machine

IBM machines provide the muscle for Dr. Jonas Salk's polio research. Producing 1,800,000 punch cards on the test children, and cutting years off the search for a polio vaccine.

Discover heatless laser process

IBM announces the discovery of a new heatless laser etching process, with the potential for unprecedented precision in surgical incisions, ultimately leading to LASIK eye surgery. 

Ultrasound can detect disease

Researchers at the IBM Scientific Center in Haifa, Israel, explore the use of ultrasound to detect diseases of the liver and coronary artery, and congenital disorders of the heart.

Detect defects in DNA

IBM reports that scientists from IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory and the University of Basel find a new approach for using tiny biochemical "machines" made of silicon to detect defects in DNA, which could eventually lead to new medical treatments.

Next steps