The future of B2B transactions is APIs combined with EDI.


Transform your business networks to improve B2B collaboration

You manage an increasingly complex, multi-enterprise ecosystem overrun with disparate systems, processes and tools. To stand apart in today’s hyper-connected, global economy, you need to radically simplify connectivity between the people, systems and data that matter to your business.

Discover how smarter business networks optimized for B2B and B2C value exchange help you break down silos, enable the flow of information across your business, quickly onboard new trading associates and fuel collaboration between your lines of business, suppliers, carriers and customers.

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IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration


Partner connections made easier

Gain greater flexibility with the ability to connect to your B2B network with RESTful APIs.

Security-rich and scalable

Support the most demanding loads and transactions with encrypted data protection.

Access to a global network

Reduce the complexity of maintaining B2B connections through access to a network of over 800,000 trading associates.

Track, trace and audit capabilities

Quickly identify, prioritize and make recommendations for next-best actions.

Flexible and fast in the cloud

Protect current investments and integrate new technologies easily in the cloud.

24x7 connectivity with redundancy

Establish an around-the-clock, always-on B2B information exchange.

B2B collaboration solutions

Digital supply chain network

Streamline supply chain execution through seamless and secured any-to-any frictionless connectivity, built to scale with embedded AI that detects anomalies before they cause issues.

Expanded visibility and trusted data

Achieve next-level efficiency, cost containment and risk mitigation in your multi-enterprise operations with blockchain-enabled solutions.

Managed file transfer

Use a unified file transfer platform to share and track the movement of mission-critical information within your enterprise and across your network of trading associates.

B2B gateway

Integrate all your complex B2B and EDI processes across trading-associate communities on a single gateway.

Onboard and manage trading partners

Reduce the time and resources required to onboard new partners while managing and maintaining existing partners.

Data transformation

Automate complex transformation and validation of data between different structured and unstructured formats and industry standards at enterprise scale without coding.

Supply chain services

Build smarter business networks to improve B2B collaboration throughout your supply chain. IBM® experts can help you make your supply chain more resilient, agile and predictable.

B2B collaboration case studies

Saint-Gobain Abrasives automates supply chain processes

With a cloud-based EDI network, this global manufacturer eliminates manual paper-based processes and drives efficiencies that have resulted in cost savings of 92% per line order.

Li & Fung automates, standardizes and saves costs

Manny Fernandez, Group Chief Technology Officer at Fung Group, reveals why IBM Sterling® B2B Integrator is the single tool used for all of the company’s integrations.

The Home Depot: Faster resolutions, stronger relationships

The Home Depot leverages IBM Blockchain to access real-time inventory visibility, reducing the number of vendor disputes by more than half and accelerating dispute resolution from months to days.

Brother International Europe embraces managed EDI services

Brother International Europe is cutting supply chain risks and saving millions of euros.

MISUMI USA creates a frictionless e-commerce customer experience

MISUMI USA automates its customer integration and purchasing processes, accelerating order entries and reducing cost.

Coastal Pacific seamlessly migrates 3.5 million EDI transactions

With the IBM platform, Coastal Pacific achieves its goal of delivering self-service capabilities to prepare for future growth, while also reducing administration requirements by 60%.


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