IBM has been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape 2021 vendor assessments for SAP and Oracle supply chain ecosystem services.

Transform your supply chain

Global supply chain leaders have been forced to fundamentally rethink traditional ways of working, where the greatest threat in navigating disruptions is acting with yesterday’s logic.

IBM supply chain consulting services can strengthen supply chain management, helping clients build resilient, agile and sustainable supply chains for the future. Our outcomes-driven approach, market-leading technologies and integration capabilities help you evolve your supply chain workflows, hyperautomate decision-making, improve profitability and empower your people.

Benefits of supply chain consulting services

Develop a competitive supply chain optimization strategy

Transform your supply chain operations and drive differentiation with intelligent workflows underpinned by exponential technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain.

Improve responsiveness, efficiency and visibility

Anticipate and navigate disruption to facilitate end-to-end visibility, demand sensing and constant collaboration, while reducing cost, risk and lead times.  

Empower employees with real-time insights

Enable transparent, real-time access to valuable data so employees can spend less time on manual analysis and focus on higher value work, like improving collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain consulting services

Supply chain planning transformation

Evolve supply chain management planning with continuous collaboration and innovative technologies, giving you the resiliency and agility to sense and respond to changes in demand.

Supply chain control towers

Gain visibility and insights across your supply chain operations with a connected dashboard of data, key business metrics and events.

Supply chain risk and resiliency

Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy using data management technologies that monitor your supply chain, measure risks, build visibility and improve resiliency.


Meet Sheri Hinish, the IBM Consulting Global Sustainability Services Lead

Sheri Hinish is the Global Leader for Sustainable Supply Chain, Finance and Circularity at IBM. Known as the "Supply Chain Queen" by colleagues and clients, Sheri is an advocate for building sustainable supply chains that reimagine how we marry technology, social impact and value.

Why sustainable supply chains?

Bridging the gap in insights across global supply chains is needed to enact meaningful change and address systemic challenges. Trust, transparency, visibility and collaboration are key to building holistic, network-based responsibility across the value chain.

Sustainability as a strategy

It is increasingly essential for organizations to have a sustainability strategy to compete in today’s marketplace. Applying AI and other exponential technologies can reshape the possible, stimulate new innovations and lead to more sustainable enterprises.

Supply chain resources

Managing supply chain volatility

Listen to Smart Talks, Malcolm and Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Partner for Supply Chain Consulting at IBM, about demand forecasting and other technologies that manufacturers and vendors are using to make their supply chains more resilient.

Create operational resiliency

Supply chains that leverage AI and other emerging technologies can help companies maintain business continuity amid disruption and uncertainty.

Supply chain blogs

You'll find links to all IBM supply chain–related blogs, covering topics ranging from digital transformation of the supply chain to inventory disruption.

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