Combat the rise of insider threats to protect your data

Information theft, IT sabotage and fraud are increasingly occurring at the hands of skilled and knowledgeable insiders. With easy access to your most valuable information, they can take advantage of security gaps and cause irreparable harm to your organization.

IBM® Identity and Access Management Services for insider threat protection help you get the right safeguards in place to keep your most valuable information protected, preserve brand value and customer trust, and defend your business against financial losses and costly interruptions.

Our services provide

Clear, actionable intelligence

From end-to-end mapping of the access pathways to your most valuable data

Risk-based insights

Help you prioritize compliance and security actions

Analysis of user behaviors

Help detect suspicious activities for further investigation

Our solution helps



exposure by helping to secure your data and govern your identities



malicious actions before they occur with behavior analytics



promptly in case of a breach to help recover compromised data

Understand the issues

Help defuse IT security risks

Fight cybercrime with greater efficiency with a programmatic approach.

Understand the options

An integrated approach to insider threat protection

Safeguard against harmful insider actions with trusted security expertise, actionable intelligence and powerful technology

Identity and access management services for insider threat protection

Gain an edge over insider threats with actionable intelligence

You're under attack

Are insiders putting your enterprise in checkmate?