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Identity governance and administration (IGA) is critical to any complex organization, but it takes more than technology to get it right. Businesses are continuously challenged to meet tighter regulatory controls to protect their brands and control access to their resources while remaining innovative to meet customers’ needs. Consistent processes, workflows and tools for managing user identity and access across the enterprise, whether in cloud, hybrid IT or on-premises environments, are vital.


Onboard applications reliably

Establish a reliable, repeatable onboarding factory model to accelerate deployment, improve access to data and demonstrate high-value functionality.

Simplify access request and approval

Streamline processes and enable automated workflows to help your team be more efficient.

Launch periodic access recertification

Employ a systematic process to prepare and launch an effective periodic access review campaign.

Manage roles and segregation of duties

Avoid creating complexity or security risks by balancing business and information security knowledge.

Institute provisioning and remediation

The governance adoption strategy helps eliminate business impacts due to waste or improper actions, while mitigating security risks. It provides a conceptual architecture plan and roadmap for migration to a next-generation governance tool.

Use advanced integrating, auditing and intelligence

Provide data and intelligence to stakeholders through robust transaction recording with ad hoc reporting. Enable broader implementation, expanded integrations, custom development and operationalization of end-to-end governance with established business processes.

Identity governance and access management

Identity and access management services

Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for security and regulatory compliance.

Security governance risk and compliance services

Better manage your risks, compliance and governance by teaming with our experts.

IGA tools

IBM Security Verify Governance platform

Provision, audit and report on user access and activity through lifecycle, compliance and analytics capabilities.

Security access management platform

Simplify your users' access while more securely adopting web, mobile, IoT and cloud technologies.

IAM workforce platform

Provides identity-as-a-service for every user, including SSO, MFA, passwordless authentication, adaptive access, lifecycle management and identity analytics.

Commercial International Bank (CIB) revamps its identity program

Although CIB had spent a great deal of time converting its manual processes into digital workflows, it still lacked an identity and access management (IAM) program to govern user access policies. Working with IBM Security™ services, the Egyptian bank implemented IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) technology and improved its user access management, leaving the daunting manual processes behind. CIB also deployed IBM Security Verify Privilege integrated with IGI.


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Firm improves security and operational efficiencies

British American Tobacco partnered with IBM to manage critical identity and access management.

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