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What z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition can do for businesses

Modern developers demand APIs, yet companies struggle to provide API access to core business services on IBM Z. The only path to achieving the accelerated innovation required to compete in today’s changing markets is to provide developers with consumable interfaces to your core business logic. RESTful APIs provide this consumability through open standards, opening new revenue streams by unleashing the power of your business in the API economy.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition provides a simple and intuitive way to API enable your mainframe. Unlock the value of your IBM Z subsystems as truly RESTful APIs and create consumable APIs in minutes to make Z applications and data central to your hybrid cloud strategy. Call APIs from IBM Z applications to enhance them with the power of cloud native functions.


Quick & easy

z/OS Connect EE quick and easy tooling removes dependencies on platform level skills and allows developers to create Swagger-defined APIs, in minutes not months.

Secure & Scale

Easily provide secure, enterprise-grade APIs, that can handle the large volumes of requests required by business-critical services.

Manage & control

Manage and control all your IBM Z APIs in one place with a single, consistent, approach to monitoring and auditing APIs across the platform.

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition features

  • RESTful APIs to and from your Z assets
  • Call APIs from Z
  • Designed for DevOps
  • Enterprise ready
  • Monitor end-to-end API requests
  • Active 3rd party ecosystem

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Which option is right for you?


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