SPSS Statistics Traditional Software License

SPSS Statistics Version 25 Is the most recent version of the SPSS Statistics traditional software license. It is available in four license options: Base Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Premium Edition.

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SPSS Statistics Subscription

SPSS Statistics Subscription is the new way to experience, buy and manage SPSS Statistics software, and provides access to exclusive subscription features over time so the software is always up to date. It includes all the same features and capabilities as our traditional software license, but instead of multiple editions we have bundled our capabilities into a base edition with three available add-ons so you can assemble the right set of capabilities for your needs.

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Key differences


The SPSS Statistics Subscription is a self-service, digital purchase that eliminates the need to contact an IBM seller. If you choose to purchase the SPSS Statistics Traditional license, you will need to contact IBM.


With the SPSS Statistics Subscription you can cancel your subscription using the My Products and Services portal. Taking this action will effectively turn off automatic renewal on the nearest termination date based on when you purchased. Self-cancellation is not an option for the SPSS Statistics Traditional License.

Product authentication

You can easily authenticate your SPSS Statistics Subscription using your IBMid. The SPSS Statistics Traditional License requires the use of license keys for authentication.

Managing your product

With the SPSS Statistics Subscription you can manage the number of seats you have for your software and transfer your services to different devices. With the SPSS Statistics Traditional License you cannot self-manage the number of seats on your license or transfer your license between devices.

Product updates

Updating your SPSS Statistics software is easier than ever with the SPSS Statistics Subscription which uses in-product push notifications to notify users of updates and enhancements to the software. SPSS Statistics Version 25 relies on installing fix-packs to ensure up-to-date software.


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