Watson Supply Chain Fast Start Approach

Design Workshop

A two day, in person workshop in which to prioritize top use cases, identify KPIs, begin data mapping, and assess value for your organization. Catalog of use cases includes: supplier available to promise, supplier available to ship, supplier on time ship, supplier on time delivery, procure to pay, and more.


A customized plan for your organization to speed the implementation process and realize quick time to value with IBM Supply Chain Insights. Together with IBM architects, you’ll evaluate a proposed prototype and design blueprint, a business case for return on investment, a POC scope, and an AI journey roadmap and timeline.

Working Prototype

A low risk approach to building a working prototype using your data and IBM Supply Chain Insights’ own Watson AI technology. Includes set up and run proof-of-concept supported environment.

Business Value Assessment

Identify and document the financial and operational metrics that your organization would like to improve, then measure the ROI of your IBM Supply Chain Insights implementation. Identify specific business units, functional departments, and roles that are in scope for Business Value Assessment.

IBM Supply Chain Insights is the centerpiece of our approach

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