What it can do for your business

Traditional enterprise network architectures and technologies are too rigid and slow to change to support hybrid cloud and ITaaS deployments – which are foundational for digital transformation. IBM Network Services for Software-defined Networks (SDN) help you transform your hardware and device-centric network to a virtual, software-defined network for improved agility, security and cost efficiency. We offer an unbiased approach to network transformation across multiple SDN technologies with network design, deployment and management services to build networks that support your application requirements and business needs.

Enable rapid app innovation

Use a software-defined network to speed app development by securely and dynamically aligning network functions for agile and efficient DevOps.

Migrate and modernize apps

Enable faster, secure provisioning of network functions to spin-up application-specific network resources in seconds or minutes.

Improve visibility and governance

Automate and centralize network management and instantly push out governance and network policies.

Support hybrid cloud and ITaaS models

Deploy a virtualized, software-defined network for policy-based automation and orchestration which is foundational to hybrid cloud and ITaaS deployments.

Improve security

Implement security policies in minutes and improve network security through micro segmentation.

Key features

  • Assess your network and develop a SDN strategy
  • Deploy virtualized software-defined networks
  • Monitor and manage your network proactively
  • Build, integrate and test SDN solutions