Edit, compile and debug TPF applications

IBM® TPF Toolkit is an Eclipse-based development environment that can edit, compile and debug IBM TPF applications. It uses a graphical interface remotely from a workstation with easy-to-use tools and wizards. The toolkit supports TPF and IBM z/TPF applications. TPF Toolkit allows you to fully customize the context menu, create custom actions and menus and assign menus to TPF Toolkit objects .

Integrate tools to your desktop

Use an integrated workbench to deliver powerful tools to your desktop using Eclipse plug-ins.

Use a graphical interface

Employ remote systems access to provide a graphical interface to IBM z/OS®, TPF, Linux® for zSeries®, and Microsoft® Windows® systems on your network.

Apply local and remote editors

Engage local and remote editors including the Live Parsing and Extensible (LPEX) editor and the Remote C/C++ Editor.

Manage web services

Use web services tools that allow you to develop, deploy and manage web services with easy-to-use tools and wizards.

Debug applications

Perform remote debugging for debug High Level Assembler, C or C++ applications.

Analyze performance of TPF applications

Use performance analysis to test the performance of TPF applications to help improve the quality of C and C++ programs.

IBM TPF Toolkit key features

  • Integrate the workbench
  • Access systems remotely
  • Use local and remote editors
  • Develop provider and consumer web services
  • Debug remotely
  • Download trace files