Key advantages of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

End-to-end policies

Automate backup processes including operational data recovery, data replication and data retention.

Management simplicity

A dashboard, SLA-based policies, and role-based access control (RBAC) streamline operations and enable secure self-service access to data.

Broad workload support

Unifies data backup, recovery, replication for VMs, Windows file systems, databases, applications and containers.

Storage efficiency

Space-efficient snapshots, compression and deduplication combine to lower storage costs.

Quick deployment and agentless architecture

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is easily deployed as a virtual appliance and the agentless architecture is easy to maintain.

Rapid data recovery and global search

Incremental forever technology, native file formats, and a searchable global catalog of VMs, databases and files enables rapid data recovery.

Flexible data retention

Data offload to public cloud services, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Red Hat Ceph, and IBM Spectrum Protect provides cost-effective, secure, long-term data retention, data compliance and disaster recovery.

Cyber resiliency support

Lock down data on object storage using write-once-read-many (WORM) technology and air-gap data on physical tape via IBM Spectrum Protect integration.

Efficient data reuse

Create, track and instantly mount data copies for analytics, development, testing, reporting, and much more.

Available on Amazon Web Services

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can be fully deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace -- bring your own license. Enterprises can use IBM Spectrum Protect Plus deployed on-premises to manage AWS EC2 EBS snapshots or deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on AWS for an "all in the cloud" experience.

Customer case study

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State of Ohio relies on IBM to prevent disruption to citizen services

State of Ohio
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