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Provide personalized risk assessment

IBM® IoT for Insurance provides a full context view of the assets and situation for policyholders, including information such as location, security systems, weather, traffic and overall wellness. Benefits for the policyholder include risk avoidance in the form of early alerts, personalized advice, and streamlined claims processing and settlement. Benefits for the insurer include expense reduction through claims avoidance and processing automation, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gain insights that influence critical decisions

This solution provides advanced analytics that can not only help identify each policyholder’s risk profile, but also provide valuable feedback to help them avoid risky situations and behavior. IBM IoT for Insurance helps you understand complex environments. It organizes and analyzes structured and unstructured data and recognizes patterns and correlations. This solution deduces what’s normal, anticipates trends, spots anomalies and proactively obtains and analyzes new data to solve problems.

Relate insights in easily understandable ways

Many claims could be avoided if insurers and policyholders had the right information at the right time. IBM IoT for Insurance communicates with people using natural language, text, images, video or audio. It recommends actions and can offer hypothesis, provide rationale, indicate confidence and fundamentally changes the way we interact with the physical world.

Continuously adapt to be more useful and relevant

This solution evolves over time, acts on our behalf where appropriate and learns from experience. For example, sensor-equipped devices can transmit an enormous amount of information, but data analysis is needed to gain insights that can be put into action. Insurance companies tap into this data to create risk models and proactive services. IBM IoT for Insurance analyzes this data to help reduce the number of claims while helping policyholders stay connected and experience real service.

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