Feature spotlights

High security features

Encrypts content at the time of capture, both in flight and at rest, and is then maintained as tamper proof. Manages administrator and user rights through existing enterprise security tools. Maintains a full audit trail of the content and its disposition. Manages web-based document requests through a partner or customer security-rich link.

User-friendly interface

Incorporates a capture wizard for a simple, guided user experience for deployment in virtually any scenario. Supplies an intuitive web client user interface that has been successfully evaluated and approved in the IBM Usability Lab. Minimizes the end-user learning curve with direct integration into the front panels of MFD devices. Eliminates the risk of inaccurate indexing with support for automated database lookups and validation.

Extensibility options

Integrate with IBM Datacap for advanced document capture capabilities, including optical character recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and analytics-based classification tools.Integrates with all IBM image repositories as well as leading ECM workflow platforms. Supports a diverse device infrastructure, including support for most leading MFD manufacturers. Allows for centralized administration of settings, including scanner and logging configurations.

Scalable growth capability

Scale to whatever business requirements dictate, whether 50 or 50,000 locations. Features Encapture mobile client with the ability to capture paper documents using the mobile device camera. Use with IBM Datacap to capture content from the palm of your hand and deliver it to large centralized repositories for classification, indexing and optimization.