Captures data that feeds your processes

Imagine Solutions Encapture® is a configurable and extensible web-based remote capture tool for supporting central, distributed and remote locations. Widely used in financial and enterprise environments, this business-friendly, intuitive, and scalable capture solution provides centralized administration and management capabilities. Encapture supports a broad range of scanning devices and leading multi-function devices (MFDs), and can be tightly integrated through IBM® Datacap into the business processes, applications and repositories that can help to drive your business.

Delivers high security features

Provides high security features, including extensible security and business rules for protecting content.

Provides user friendly interface

Enables your team with a user friendly interface for simplified orientation and prompting through complex capture processes.

Integrates with IBM Datacap

Seamlessly integrates with your business processes through IBM Datacap, enabling easy set-up using wizards and dialogs.

Offers extensibility options

Provides extensibility options for creating optimum connections to your enterprise processes and systems.

Scales as you need it to

Enhances your capability to grow and scale with tight integration with IBM Datacap to meet the demands of increased business requirements.

Key reasons you need Imagine Solutions Encapture

  • High security features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensibility options
  • Scalable growth capability