Four reasons to choose IBM Healthcare Cost and Care Insights

One of the largest industry datasets

Cost and Care Insights leverages decades of experience from our IBM ActionOI and IBM Care Discovery solutions. ActionOI has one of the largest comparative databases in the industry – with operational and financial data from more than 850 healthcare organizations across the US. The Care Discovery solution harnesses clinical quality data from 3,700 hospitals and 23 million discharges.

Proven track record

Cost and Care Insights brings more than 20 years of experience from our ActionOI and Care Discovery solutions along with our industry-leading data and analytics. Hospitals using ActionOI have an operating margin above 10% -- significantly higher than other hospitals in the US.

Expertise at the ready

The IBM Provider Consulting Services team has a proven history of working with organizations to drive clinical and operational improvement. They will work with you to identify specific areas for analysis, evaluate your data to find the answers you need, and develop strategies, plans and roadmaps for your journey.

Support at your fingertips

Cost and Care Insights provides 24/7 access to product information, the latest Joint Commission and CMS requirements, definitions and standards, the ability to connect with more than 10,000 users– including posting questions to other members – and help with creating reports and interpreting analyses.

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