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Manage digital transformations

IBM® Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment can help development teams manage the complexity of digital transformations while helping to increase velocity and maintain production control. It is a modular solution for delivering secure, multi-cloud and traditional applications with lean and agile practices to automate processes. It can be used in conjunction with IBM Cloud Management for Hybrid Deployment to provide a complete solution for DevOps and central infrastructure operations teams.

Save money and gain flexibility with FlexPoints pricing

The IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle offers a consumption model called FlexPoints that changes the way you can use and deploy software. FlexPoints simplifies your planning for adoption and growth of critical IBM enterprise products. You can allocate points across the capabilities you are currently using, and you can change the allocation in the future as your business demands change.

Deliver services and products more quickly

The IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle includes all the DevOps capabilities that enterprises need to successfully deliver services and products quickly to the marketplace. This bundle includes continuous integration, deployment automation and release management capabilities to help enable enterprises to speed up product delivery. IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment also includes a complete set of software testing tools that include test virtualization.

Adjust FlexPoints deployment as needed

You can adjust your deployment of FlexPoints among the products in the bundle at any time within the bounds of your overall FlexPoints entitlement. You can also buy additional FlexPoints as needed to scale your solution. This allows you to deploy FlexPoints on specific products today, and other products tomorrow, as you demand additional or different applications.

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