Feature spotlights

Always Available

Resynchronize your data automatically in the event of hardware and network outages

Automatic Recovery after an outage

Cloud to on-premises and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery with no downtime and no data loss. On-premises and cloud environments stay continuously in-sync as every change is captured wherever it occurs

Move between public clouds

Eliminate the risk of outages with consistent replication across multiple data centers both within a cloud provider and between cloud providers

Full Data Portability

Selectively replicate changes across different environments with guaranteed consistency and no vendor lock-in

Unifies Hadoop clusters

Big Replicate unifies Hadoop clusters running on CDH, HDP, IBM, Amazon S3, EMR, MS Azure, OpenStack Swift and Google Cloud Storage. It provides a single virtual namespace across clusters and cloud object storage that are any distance apart.

Lower Cost Structure

Scale up with no increase in hardware costs with cloud migration

Always Protected

Reduce your possible exposure to hackers as only our firewalls are exposed

Always Accurate

Guaranteed access to the same data everywhere on any distribution

Customer case study

  • Case study image

    Deloitte Canada empowered business users with an enterprise data hub for real-time analytics

    Deloitte Canada
    Read the case study

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