It’s a hybrid multicloud world

So why are only 20% of workloads in the cloud? Because tapping into mission-critical apps and data seems risky, and even impossible.

To move more to cloud, you need game-changing data privacy and security. With IBM Z® integrated into your hybrid cloud strategy, you can protect your data and reputation and gain IT resiliency and DevOps agility.

What's new

New IBM Z system

The new IBM z15™ enterprise system sets the standard for data privacy and security in a hybrid multicloud world.

New IBM Z software

IBM Z continuously develops middleware and tools for mission critical apps and data in the cloud.

New software pricing

New enterprise consumption and enterprise capacity solutions offer flexible deployment options.

Why IBM Z software

Transform and modernize for cloud

Transform your infrastructure and data. Expose and connect existing assets and develop new applications in a cloud native environment; no specific mainframe skills are required.

Create APIs

Easily create RESTful APIs to critical data and applications on z/OS.

Integrate your cloud

Integrate z/OS with a modern cloud development platform.

Generate unit tests

Testing batch and CICS programs with an automated tool.

Smooth IT operations

Resiliency in IT operations is essential to maintaining SLAs in your data center. With IBM Z, you can reduce risk, reduce vendor costs by up to 40%, and restore service up to 60% faster than on other platforms.

Gain deep insights into your data center

Provide a single point of control for processing and analysis of operational data.

Extend visibility into IBM z/OS components

Track transactions and monitor resources from z/OS subsystems to APM.

Single point of control for a range of functions

Automate and control system elements in hardware and software in a Sysplex.

Enterprise DevOps

Make Dev work with Ops. With IBM Z you can gain up to 10x faster software innovation, including easier collaborations, a continuous assessment framework, and automated processes.

Analyze mainframe applications to quickly

Accelerate your digital transformation with application insights.

Enable a DevOps transformation

Transform DevOps with development and problem analysis tools.

Develop and test anywhere

Develop and test mainframe applications on Intel servers.

Analytics and machine learning

Build intelligence into everything you do. See how you can use real-time analytics and machine learning to speed insights while lowering costs, risk and latency.

Deploy for real-time insight

Create and manage self-learning models for instant insights.

High-speed processing for complex queries

Analyze enterprise data in real time with the highest security.

IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS

Optimize the open source runtimes for data insights at the source.

Application, database and transaction serving

Process data faster and integrate mission critical applications and transactions. Reliably host and serve millions of transactions per second on a mixed language server and gain availability, security, scalability and efficiency.

Leading mixed language application server for IBM Z

Deliver exceptional performance and connectivity for mission-critical transactions.

Hierarchical database management software

Gain performance,  security and savings with hierarchical database management software for OLTP.

Store and harness mission critical data

Speed critical transactions and analytics with enterprise data server technology.

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