The well-being of vulnerable populations is advancing with the aid of human and social services software technology. Innovative uses of analytics, AI and hybrid cloud architecture are at the heart of vital services like coordination of case management across agencies, secure access to actionable data, and citizen engagement in real time.

Such digital transformation in social services is accelerated with the IBM Garage™, a very human model for solving complex problems that can help renew the focus on constituents and outcomes.

Human and social services software solutions

IBM Watson® Health for government

Improve human outcomes through social services innovation.

IBM Garage™ for public sector

Collaborate in new ways to drive innovation and transformation.

Watson Assistant for Citizens

Deliver fast, accurate information to your citizens.


The future of social work

Transforming government agency social program delivery with AI.

Mental health and technology

Improving access to mental health resources with technology and data.

Community service

Balance public health with economic vitality with an app that identifies health risk.

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