Achieving full mission readiness is becoming increasingly complex and requires dynamic defense technology solutions. Securing and protecting people, the nation, and information is impacted by a multitude of challenges including COVID-19. New threats and domains for warfare continually emerge, including cyber and space along with disruptive technologies, like AI and Quantum. Dealing with these threats necessitates using data as a critical enabler for information driven operations.

IBM can help you transition to an advanced hybrid cloud-based environment built on technology that is designed for your mission, including AI, SAP S/4HANA and "cloud to the edge" innovation. Through the IBM cloud management capabilities including Red Hat OpenShift®, you can securely access data anywhere within this new environment, regardless of cloud provider—or even if the information resides on in-house systems.

Defense technology case studies

Bell Flight

Changes aerospace by putting AI-based predictive maintenance into tomorrow’s aircraft fleets.

UK Ministry of Defence

Unlocks innovation with enterprise applications and analytics to deliver efficient business services.

Defense technology solutions

Develop smarter strategies with hybrid cloud

Build a modern, hybrid cloud with IBM Cloud Pak® and redefine how you create and deliver value.

Maximize mission-critical operations

Military logistics transformation powered by SAP S/4HANA. Make your processes intelligent.

Be ready for anything in a 5G future with agile networks

Bring secure mobile communication and computing to your defense environment.

Achieve strategic agility

Bring innovation, coalition interoperability and digital transformation to your front line with the IBM Garage™.

Discover how IBM defense technology solutions can support your defense and intelligence organization.