IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC provide fast provisioning, high network performance, greater throughput and enhanced isolation.

  • Define and control your virtual networks in logically isolated segments of the IBM public cloud.
  • Deploy and scale your virtual compute resources with virtual networks to adapt to your business needs.
  • Use this type of accelerated environment for cloud-native applications and workloads that require greater availability through zone architecture.
  • Use bring-your-own-IP (BYOIP)-address range for non-disruptive connectivity of cloud and on-premises resources.
  • Use bring-your-own-key (BYOK) enhanced security to encrypt block volumes with a customer-managed key.
  • Leverage higher throughput, with up to 80 Gbps network performance.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC are ideal for:

  • Building cloud-native applications
  • Development and testing workloads
  • Web and application hosting

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic are our previous generation virtual machines (VMs) available in all IBM Cloud data centers worldwide. VMs are deployed to the same VLANS as physical servers, enabling you to spread workloads across virtual servers and bare metal servers while maintaining interoperability.

  • Leverage the computational power of the GPU processors for your machine learning and deep learning applications.
  • Spin up instances on demand and help keep costs to a minimum with hourly and monthly pricing options.
  • Save time and money by reserving virtual servers in advance or opt into pay-as-you-use billing for temporary capacity.
  • Have every IBM Cloud virtual server guaranteed, with no over-subscription on core or RAM.


IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic are ideal for:

  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • AI and analytics, including machine learning and deep learning
  • Multitiered web applications

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared enables you to provision your VMware workloads with ultimate capacity, flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re looking to begin your cloud journey with a development and testing environment, a disaster recovery site, or a full enterprise-grade hybrid cloud transformation, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared is designed to provide a cost-effective, self-service entry to the cloud for your VMware workloads within minutes.

This offering delivers a familiar look and feel so that you can leverage your existing VMware resources, skills and operational tooling.

  • Low startup cost: You can start as small as 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM and expand to any extent when you’re ready.
  • Cost-effective disaster recovery: This is a cost-efficient deployment option for a cloud disaster recovery site for your VMware workloads, where VMs are consumed for short periods of time with fluctuating capacity requirements.
  • Reduction in IT expense and offloading of Day 2 operations: Because IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared is managed by IBM, you will no longer have to perform operations like patching, upgrading and monitoring.


IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared is ideal for:

  • Rapid or temporary migration of VMware workloads to the cloud
  • Capacity expansion of VMware workloads
  • Building a disaster recovery environment for VMware workloads

IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers

IBM Power® Systems Virtual Servers deliver IBM POWER9™ VMs on the IBM Cloud public infrastructure-as-a-service platform. These cost-conscious virtual servers are for IBM AIX® and IBM i clients that want to enhance a variety of on-premises workloads with the scalability, flexibility and efficiency of the cloud. It’s the best of IBM POWER® and the best of IBM Cloud in a single, convenient, economical, self-managed, pay-as-you-use environment.

  • Build a separate and secure sandbox environment to test your AIX or IBM i workloads, new OS versions or next-generation hardware.
  • Design a hybrid cloud environment and host your AIX and IBM i applications in the public cloud, with more scalability and flexibility to ramp up or down when you need to.
  • Set up an offsite disaster recovery data center in the location you need it, without acquiring or growing new data center capital.


IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers are ideal for:

  • Development and testing of POWER applications
  • Disaster recovery
  • Running enterprise POWER workloads

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers — built on the security-rich IBM LinuxONE platform and powered by IBM Z® technologies — can give you complete control and authority over your business-sensitive workloads. No one but you, not even IBM Cloud admins, can access your workloads.

  • Extend and consume on-premises LinuxONE resources in the cloud for faster development, testing and backup, without sacrificing security.
  • Bring high resiliency and low latency to your mission-critical workloads. Every instance is built as a highly available clustered configuration with multizone region (MZR) support.
  • Help satisfy regulatory compliance by providing controls on external and privileged user access to the contents of the virtual server.


IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers are ideal for:

  • Development and testing of LinuxONE applications
  • Disaster recovery for LinuxONE workloads
  • Geo expansion of LinuxONE applications

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