Deploy where it makes sense for you. Pay only for what you use.

Different solutions can have different business requirements. With the IBM Blockchain Platform, you have the choice of deploying in a cloud, on multiple clouds or on-premises. Flexible plans give you full control over total cost of network ownership.

To ensure a security-rich environment for your data, we use monitoring and governance tools for network components across IBM Kubernetes Service, with other Kubernetes-based services available soon.

Choose your deployment option

IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud

Deploy using Software as a Service (SaaS) 

Pay as you go:

Pricing is determined per allocated CPU-Hour (VPC-hour)

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IBM Cloud advantages:

✔ No membership fees: Invest directly in your blockchain components

✔ Estimation clarity: Simple hourly pricing model for easier cost control

✔ No minimum fee required: Pay only for what you use

✔ Scalability to compute: Adjust compute up or down to minimize expense

✔ Leverage your existing IBM Cloud services and components

✔ Billing transparency: Pay as you go with updates on your dashboard

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Please note: Your actual costs will vary depending on additional factors such as transaction rate, the number of channels you require, the payload size on the transactions, and the maximum number of concurrent transactions.


IBM Blockchain Platform for Multicloud

Deploy IBM Blockchain Platform on your own cloud environment

With IBM Blockchain Platform for Multicloud, you can deploy to on-premises environments behind your firewall to meet data residency requirements, as well as deploying a distributed peer or your entire network on a third-party public cloud of your choice.

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What’s included:

✔ The latest Hyperledger Fabric features

✔ Individual Kubernetes helm charts for Peer (ledger), Certificate Authority and Ordering Service

✔ Documented common deployment patterns

✔ Ability to deploy the full Hyperledger Fabric network or just a peer (ledger)

✔ Instance and features of IBM Cloud Private v3.1.0

✔ Data can reside behind the firewall

✔ Compute isolation

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