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Optimize your operations

The latest technology that will help you decrease energy cost, increase lifetime of electrical appliances & save the environment at the same time!

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Boost your power quality

Provides the optimum voltage output with the automatic safety bypass mechanism for any unforeseen issues.

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Monitor your performance remotely

Built-in monitoring system, that allows you to visualize the performance of the machine anytime, anywhere with easy access through mobile or PC.

Reduce your consumption and save money whilst maintaining your performance

Better energy saving effect than stabilizers

IBM’s Energy Saving Solution use transformers to drive power at a reduced voltage from the raw main supply. Our Solution drops the tension into the Energy Efficiency zone in order to achieve energy savings. It can improve power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from incoming electricity.

Scalable. Durable. Secure. Sustainable

IBM’s Energy Saving Solution available for wide range, from 40kVA to 1.500kV, in order to adapt to any necessity of workloads. A secure and sustainable energy system that results in increasing electrical appliances lifetime (+20 years) supported by IBM maintenance and support services.

Guaranteed performance and savings

Capability to customize the solution as per your needs. Through unique testing procedure with the ability to have full understanding of the expected and current savings. Guaranteeing cost reduction from day one with a covenant of redemption that is activated in the event that the expected result in not achieved.

Energy transformation partners

Transform your energy needs with IBM that helps you take the right step towards reducing energy consumption, enhancing business profit and lowering the environmental impact.

IBM provides you just the tools and assistance your organization needs through its energy saving solution - from assessment to installation to support - to help you build a leaner, greener business.

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